personal sauna by Almost Heaven Saunas shows a couple on the back porch about to enter the sauna

Get Out of the Cold!

There is nothing better than skiing down the slopes, walking in the snow, surfing in frigid ocean temperatures then running to and relaxing in your own personal sauna.  Not only does the sauna warm you up quickly they have so many other benefits.  They relieve stress, help fight illness, burn calories. cleanses the skin and most importantly can induce a deeper sleep.  Who can’t use a better night sleep?

One sauna we have on the site is the Surf Sauna.  I could just see this personal sauna sitting in the parking lot by the ocean and watching all the surfers run from the beach to get warm in the sauna.


Since I do not surf I prefer the Almost Heaven luxury sauna.  My friend has the exact sauna next to her pool and after a leisurely day of swimming, actually I am not so sure how leisurely when you are watching four children under the age of six, we put the kids down for a nap, grab a glass of wine and make a beeline for the sauna.  We usually get a half hour in before the baby monitor interrupts us but what a half hour it is!