Race Deck Garage Floors

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Race Deck Garage Floors


Race Deck Garage Floors


RaceDeck is a family owned company based in Utah and for more than 40 years they have installed tens of millions of feet of modular garage floors. The company has over 22 patents and with many more pending, you can rest assured you are getting the most out of advanced modular flooring.

RaceDeck offers a variety of flooring designs. If you are looking for timeless classic designs you are better off with CircleTrac or Diamond designs. However, if you want custom high-tech looks then you will probably love Free-Flow or TuffShield designs. The company gives you a chance to own your space with custom logos, colors, and design options that are limitless.

The company manufactures their own flooring products in Salt Lake City, Utah. Each garage floor is specifically crafted to outperform the harsh garage environment.

Commercial Applications

There are a lot of commercial spaces where you can use RaceDeck’s multi-patented garage flooring system.

RaceDeck floors are unique and professional. You can specifically ask for customized flooring that will set your commercial space apart from the competition. RaceDeck floors are resistant to household and petroleum chemicals. Their flooring is lightweight and installs in minutes and you don’t need any experience or special tools to install the tiles.

RaceDeck floors are also perfect for mobile displays that need to be set up and removed quickly. You can also use their floors on your hangar, propelling your hangar from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few minutes.

Residential Applications

Keep your bikes and cars off the ground with quality garage floors. RaceDeck garage floors are easy to install and are also easy to maintain. Their high quality level is backed by a 15 year manufacturer warranty.

You can also use RaceDeck flooring as a free-floating surface that you can use anywhere around the house. This easy to install floor immediately changes the look and feel of any room.

The Technology behind the PowerLock System

Over 40 years of creating modular garage floors has led RaceDeck to the creation of “The Power of 4.” This simply implies that each module has 4 PowerLocks on each side that allows for thermal expansion, durability and easy installation. The 16 patented PowerLocks allow for perfect fitting of the garage floor.

RaceDeck floors also use the Step-N-Snap multi-patented design that does away with the need for tools, glues and you won’t also experience any form of toxic fumes. Having 16 PowerLocks does not make the flooring superior, it is the superior performance of the PowerLocks that does.

RaceDeck Patent Substructure

RaceDeck garage floors are designed to handle heavy loads while also allowing moisture and air to flow freely underneath. This helps to prevent odor causing mildew and mold from forming. Their patented substructure handles loads of up to 80,000 pounds without damaging the floor. Whether you have 4-post lifts, a couple of motorbikes, or heavy tool chests, RaceDeck garage floor will handle it all.

What You Need to Know About RaceDeck Garage Floors

  • Their floors are 100% waterproof and resistant to petroleum products and almost all household chemicals.
  • Their floors do not chip, peel or stain.
  • Their superior floors prevent odor causing mildew and mold from forming.
  • You have a better chance of saving expensive parts from breaking when they fall on a RaceDeck floor.
  • All their products are 100% American.

RaceDeck provides installation video and instructions on their official website and this makes DIY installations a breeze.

RaceDeck also offers a free to use online floor designer tool that you can use to create custom tiles for your garage floor. Don’t miss the opportunity to accentuate your garage with a quality garage floor.



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