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Recaro Office Chairs


Recaro Office Chairs


RECARO, the standard in automotive seating, is turning their attention towards the office:

Sitting in the driver’s seat means that you are in control. With RECARO Office Chairs, you can sit in the driver’s seat even when you’re at your desk, putting you in total control of your office. RECARO Office Chairs are designed and manufactured with the car lover in mind. These sleek, automotive-inspired office chairs come in a wide variety of models and are available in two separate series: the Advantage Series and the Performance Series. Each of RECARO’s Office Chairs are completely customizable, so you can obtain the perfect balance of comfort, support, and style in your office.

Advantage Series

RECARO’s Advantage Series is designed to cater to the natural curvature of the human spine and provide total comfort while you work. Like your favorite car, RECARO’s Advantage Series Office Chairs offer smooth, modern lines, and will be an instant hit when displayed behind your desk. RECARO’s Advantage Series offers five unique models of office chairs fit for every car lover’s office.

The RECARO Specialist is truly a performance inspired chair. The Specialist’s design caters to intensive use in work environments that never seem to slow down. It’s ergonomically inclined features include slight side and cushion bolsters, a fluidly adjustable backrest tilt, 2D or 4D armrests for maximum adjustability, and a triple chamber air lumbar support system, which is ideal for premium lower back support.

The RECARO EX II features a slightly contoured seat pan and non-restrictive backrest bolsters, making it a comfortable office chair for a wide range of body types. Fashioned with an eye toward creating the most comfortable user experience possible, the RECARO EX II puts you in total control of your office.

The RECARO Executive has a name that speaks for itself. This top of the line chair is stylish, comfortable, and functional, and is popular among high-powered executives. Features of the RECARO Executive Office Chair include adjustable bolsters and backrest, LiquiCell technology in the bottom cushion (which promotes maximum comfort and durability), a bottom cushion seat extender and tilt-up function, a fluidly adjustable backrest tilt, 2D or 4D armrests, and a double chamber adjustable air lumbar. With so many great features, and a limitless number of ways to combine them, the RECARO Executive Office Chair is sure to provide you with all the support you need while you run your office.

The RECARO Commander is the flagship office chair of RECARO’s Advantage Series. This stylish chair expands upon RECARO’s existing standards of high-end quality with an emphasis on customizable features. With the RECARO Commander Office Chair, you’ll get a chair that is designed to fit the décor of a modern office, but that is durable enough to withstand intensive use environments.

The RECARO Titan is an office chair that is specifically built for large-framed individuals. Its unique styling, tall backrest, and deep seat-pan allow the RECARO Titan to cater to the needs of those who find their wardrobes in the big and tall section.

Performance Series

With RECARO’s Performance Series Office Chairs, you can take a piece of the road with you to the office. The designs of the chairs in the Performance Series are completely influenced by automotive seats, and just sitting in them behind your desk will leave you feeling exhilarated and ready to take on the world.

The RECARO Sport is a Performance Series Office Chair that combines high performance style with an emphasis on ergonomics and functionality. The Sport is designed to wrap around you as you sit in it, resulting in a true, high-performance automobile “feel.”

The RECARO Style also stays true to its performance roots, while simultaneously elevating the standards set for office chair adjustability and function.

The RECARO Sportster CS, the final model in the Performance Series, is the ultimate sports-car inspired office chair. Combining RECARO’s signature style with a luxury office chair, the RECARO Sportster CS is the perfect office chair for a true car aficionado. The Sportster CS features bolsters on the backrest and cushion, a tall backrest with adjustable tilt, and 2D or 4D armrests. For an office chair with a true automobile feel, you can’t do any better than the RECARO Sportster CS.

A good automotive seat is designed for ultimate comfort while you cruise down the road. Why shouldn’t your office chair provide this same sort of comfort? RECARO Office Chairs makes this comfort possible, while also ensuring that you have the most modern and stylish office chair around. Though you might be stuck indoors all day, with RECARO Office Chairs you’ll always be in the driver’s seat, even at the office.



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