mustang by revology cars shows a blue mustang with the top down and a grey background

Revology Cars

Life does not always have to be about work and the trappings of business. The hours that you put into advancing your career consume a great deal of your time and energy. You should have something that’s just yours—something that you can both treasure and present to the world as a sign and symbol of your success. There are few better ways to meet this aim than to purchase a classic: the world’s first Mustang Replica.

The Revology Mustang

Revology has designed a Mustang that has the appearance of the original that was introduced to the world over fifty years ago. We have engineered it to perfection. When you step inside of the Mustang Replica, you will experience the touch, smell, sight, and general feel of being inside the real machine. The changes made have been for the better. Using the latest automotive technology, Revology has made the Mustang Replica faster and safer, with better handling and more efficiency in gas mileage. Revology allows you to enjoy the experience of owning a 20th century Mustang while giving you the advantages of driving a 21st century car.

Ordering a Mustang Replica

Revology takes great pains to ensure that the process for ordering, confirming, and taking delivery of your Mustang is as smooth as possible. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the website and then to the Retail Order Form
  • Choose the body style, color, and other options you desire for your car
  • Submit the completed and signed Retail Order Form and make a payment of at least one third of the total price by bank transfer or check. This will get you the parts and a production spot for your car
  • When your initial payment is received, you will be granted access to a password-protected site where you can see photos of your Mustang Replica as it is being built

A second third of the total price is due when your car goes into production, and the last third is owed upon delivery. If you are a U.S. customer, you have three options in taking delivery of your Mustang:

  • Delivery to your home or business
  • Delivery to your local Ford dealer
  • Collecting the car at the Revology factory near Orlando, FL
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International customers can arrange to have the car delivered to their home country or come to the Florida factory to collect it. You also have the option of visiting the factory at any time while your car is being built.

Revology Warranties

The Mustang Replica comes with a warranty that includes bumper-to-bumper coverage for 1 year, the powertrain for 3 years, and the body of the car for 5 years. None of these has a mileage limit. The powertrain coverage includes the engine, transmission, and rear end. The body coverage does not include damage from airborne materials or any other incident not related to an engineering defect.

Driving in Style

The Mustang is an icon of American automotive engineering and craftsmanship. When it first came out all those years ago, it was an immediate success. Time has passed, but the Mustang still has the power to excite and impress. You will drive in style when you’re driving your Mustang. You will also drive a revived classic in ease, comfort, and safety. That is the thing about a classic: it speaks to each new generation in its own way and has an enduring quality that never fades no matter how much time has passed.

Indulge yourself a bit. Give yourself something to look forward to everyday. Driving a Mustang Replica can be a great way to get a daily dose of pleasure on the road.