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What is Rider Wood?

Rider Wood is the company behind Speed Wood brand bicycles and sleds, which are handmade, exclusive, eco-friendly bikes for those who want to ride in style on something that isn’t seen every day.

The bicycles all have a small carbon footprint, and each detail is considered before being implemented into a design. Sound engineering is built into every part, with cubes, triangles, and hexagons giving extra vibration absorption and strength. You can enjoy fun riding across town or while countryside cycling, as the bikes are extremely robust and designed to last.

All bikes have a unique grain and come with an individual serial number. Automatic gears are pre-installed for easy riding and comfort. They will work excellently for the beginner or advanced riders, as well as anyone in between.

The bicycles from Rider Wood all come with a lifetime warranty on the wooden frame, which says a lot about the durability and strength of the wood that is used to produce them. Other parts have a one-year warranty, as they are high-quality but extensive riding may wear them to some degree.

More Details

Speed Wood bikes are inspired by trips to game reserves in Kenya and South Africa. An enjoyment of being in nature is evident in the exquisite craftsmanship of each bicycle.

Those riding around on a Speed Wood will give off an energy of success, good taste, and uniqueness. It’s a real statement piece that will consistently cause people to stop and ask questions.

If you’re worried about the weight of these bikes, they aren’t as heavy as you might expect. They’re quite light compared to other wood based bicycles. However, they aren’t designed to be as light as racing bikes. They weigh in at around 12 to 14 kg and are comfortable to ride on bike paths or tarred roads.

Bikes are all handmade and assembled in the EU, rather than being made in a factory somewhere. Finnish Birchwood is thin cut and then pressed with glue into plywood. Waterproofing is also part of the process to ensure the bikes stand up to any conditions you might ride in.

The bicycle is stress tested at various points in construction to ensure it’s in pristine condition for you to use as soon as you ride off on it. Only bikes that pass extensive testing are sold.

Because of the plywood used, the frame will not crack or break like other wooden bikes on the market. You can leave the bike outside or keep it inside; the weather won’t create a problem with the unique wooden frame. Given the unique aesthetic of the bicycle, you may want to keep it inside to discourage others from trying to take away your custom bike, however.

The three current bicycles being offered by Rider Wood are the Leopard, Lynx, and Panther. Each of them is attractive while providing a sporty look and stable ride. Each is modeled on the animal it derives the name from, with the Leopard being an example of a bicycle that is majestic and graceful while standing out from the crowd.

Buy Rider Wood Products

You can get the Leopard, Lynx, or Panther bikes through Niels Albert Bike Store, online or in store. Rider Wood also offers them. You can contact them through their website http://www.riderwood.eu to find out more. They even offer test drives if you want to be sure this is the right bike for your needs.

Financing is available, whether you buy direct or through a dealer. The option features a low rate of interest and is spread out over 30 months. You can contact the company directly for questions regarding purchase and funding queries.



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