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What is Lee J Rowland?


Rowland Art Engineering, boasts an impressive collection of high-end products ranging from fashion wear to art pieces to furniture. Everything crafted by Lee J Rowland and his company is as close to perfection as possible.

Indeed, perfection is a central part of Rowland Art Engineering’s mission. Lee J Rowland’s expertise with precision engineering and the manufacturing process has led to a near obsession creating beautiful art and luxurious furniture.

Almost any and every commercially available material is manipulated by this expert artist and craftsman to create unprecedented products. In addition to their stunning beauty, all of Rowland’s luxury goods are incredibly sturdy and stable.

Another characteristic of Rowland’s work is the lack of boundaries. Even on products that utilize multiple materials, the artist achieves a finished state that is perfectly smooth, polished, and unified. The result is hypnotic.

So what has enabled Lee J Rowland to create such beautiful works? The story starts with an early creative career with British Aerospace. Experience with manufacturing technology and processes gave him the starting point he needed to create his spectacular line of products in the future.

While at British Aerospace, Rowland dove right into aircraft fitting, specializing in Military and Civil aircraft development. Despite a lead role at the company, Rowland knew he needed to start his own venture. He craved something more creative where he wasn’t constrained by company goals.

The result is Rowland Art Engineering. Backed by over 25 years of aircraft manufacturing knowledge and experience, the products created are unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

If it’s luxury you’re after, you’re in the right place. If it’s uniqueness you’re after, you’re also in the right place. Rowland Art Engineering offers the utmost in both qualities.

More Details Luxurious Furniture

Lee J Rowland and his Rowland Art Engineering offer too many luxury products to list here. The best way to get a feel for his diverse catalog is to check out his website.

With that said, there are a few pieces that have already garnered special attention around the world. These include the Wave Bar, Ripple Table, Convertible Poker/Dinner Table, Watch Table, and his couture fashion products.

The Wave Bar is a functional bar table with a unique wave design. This luxurious furniture piece captures the essence of the classic pipeline wave. Rowland’s experience with precision manufacturing has allowed him to give the wave a fluid and dynamic appearance.

The Ripple Table is likewise fluid and dynamic. The round tabletop features a droplet of water frozen in time. The droplet, at the center of the table, forms a ripple that expands outwards to the table’s edges.

The Convertible Poker/Dinner Table is one of Rowland’s signature products. In seconds, it changes from a stylish dinner table into a luxury poker table. Thanks to the beauty and elegance of the dining table, no one will ever suspect a gaming table is hidden away inside.

The Watch Table is another piece of absolutely unique furniture. It looks like a classic 70s watch in furniture size. The watch can even be programmed to work as a clock.

Rowland Art Engineering’s couture fashion products are just as popular as the company’s luxury furniture. They’re available in countless styles made of materials ranging from gold to electro plated copper to chrome plated steel and more.

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Browse the extensive of Lee J Rowland products online at, the home of Rowland Art Engineering. You can also request a full and current catalog through the website.




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