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scrap metal art by Scrap Metal Art a dragon made from old automotive parts

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What Is Scrap Metal Art Thailand

Is watching your favorite robot, alien, or superhero in a movie or on TV not enough? Would you rather impress the world and be amazed by life-sized scrap metal art statues? Scrap Metal Art Thailand is here to fulfill this empty void in your heart.

Snatching up recycled car parts, it can produce life size Transformers statues such as Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. Figures from the movie Aliens and even the Hulk, Ironman, and Spiderman are available. Many more can be ordered as well. You can have your very own scrap metal giraffe, dinosaur, or dragon. Every single model is individually made with salvaged automotive scrap metal.

Scrap metal robots have been the centerpieces of malls, road shows, and restaurants around the world. If you can invest in them, you can even have one at home or guarding your front door. The size and intricate detail make these sculptures stand out like none other.

Existing statues include an 8.2 foot high Bumblebee Transformer and a 7.2 foot high replica of Optimus Prime. The options are not limited to giant statues, however. Alien figure tables, wall plaques, table decorations, and dragon lamps are available. Decorate your home with an Alien, Predator, or Spiderman table as well.

There’s even more to the scrap metal art than meets the eye, literally. From figures on bikes to instantly recognizable intergalactic starships, the choices are as far as the imagination will go. Airplane and model ships are not left out of the equation either. The detail is even fine suited for figures like Gundam and Samurai replicas. It’s also possible to have your very own piece of Star Wars, Captain America, or Terminator.

More Details

Scrap Metal Art Thailand can satisfy any requirement to exceed your expectations. Each piece of artwork is completely unique. The professional team builds each statue in exacting detail.

Custom statues include extra design features such as eye lighting. Over 50 artists work on projects so a one-meter statue can be made in two weeks and a two-meter one in four weeks. Actually, a dozen life size models can be made simultaneously! The androids consist of interconnected parts that can be easily assembled and disassembled using the tube and socket connections.

Scrap Metal Art Thailand also employs a solid quality control process. Every artist tracks their progress and photos are sent to the customer every 10 days. Statues are polished, painted, and coated with acrylic lacquer so they withstand outdoor conditions. High resolution photos are sent before final approval is given.

Buy Scrap Metal Art Thailand

Price enquiries can be made by contacting Scrap Metal Art Thailand by email or on Facebook. Pricing is determined by the dimensions of the android or other sculpture. Height and length are factored directly into the cost. There’s also a 10% discount for two similar-sized statues, 15% off for three to five, and 20% off for six or more statues of the same size.

Scrap Metal Art Thailand ships worldwide. According to the company, shipping by sea is around 20% of the cost of the statue. Air shipping is 35 to 40%. With your 50% deposit, the company can fund material costs and time and begin a project. This is fully refundable. You’re also covered with a money back guarantee so, if pictures of the finished product don’t meet your expectations, the artists can continue working on it or you can be refunded the deposit.



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