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What is SeaDrone?

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Originally designed with underwater inspection and documentation in mind, the drone’s bespoke design has made it increasingly popular as a gift or toy for affluent individuals.

Imagine a normal quadcopter air drone outfitted for underwater exploration. Unlike the vast majority of underwater drones on the market, it’s designed for multiple underwater uses. Indeed, versatility was one of the most important considerations during the machine’s design.

The drone is robust and compact. It fits a remarkable amount of technology into its 10.5-inch tall, 12-inch diameter frame. And not only is the drone small in size, it’s also very lightweight. It’s small and light enough to stow in the passenger seat of your car.

Maintenance-free thrusters are controlled by a tablet app. Drop the drone into the water and the onboard operating system kicks in. You can either control the craft manually (via a custom Linux install) or program certain motions ahead of time.

Also of note is the drone’s 360-degree video camera. It makes controlling and gathering information from the underwater drone all the easier.

More Details

All of the underwater drones available from SeaDrone are fun to pilot. Yet they’re not exactly designed with fun and games in mind.

Instead, the company was established with the goal of finding solutions for several underwater industries. Their first attempts were geared towards maritime and sea-based farming. Indeed, aquaculture remains their strongest focus going forward.

SeaDrone has also already become popular for underwater inspection of boats, docks, nets, pipelines, and more. The machines can perform these tasks for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods (trained divers, etc).

Because SeaDrones are designed with work in mind, the company is currently developing a software platform to store and organize data. The current platform is focused on the fish and hatcheries industry.

Currently, SeaDrone offers only one model. But they’re set to create more, with even more specialized applications, in the future.

For the time being, the drone more than does the job. Highlights of the powerful performance-driven machine include automated vehicle stabilization, integrated sensors, and a 360-degree HD video camera with real-time video stabilization.

Best of all, the SeaDrone can be piloted by people of all abilities. You don’t need any special skills or training to quickly master the use of the underwater drone. Download the app to your tablet and you’re ready to take your drone on its first dive.

Each SeaDrone comes with a storage/transportation case. The case comes with a comfortable handle to make it easy to transport your drone to the job or play site.

Another user-friendly feature is the drone’s durability. SeaDrone put special emphasis on making their underwater drones all but indestructible. No matter the environment you’re using yours in, whether it’s seawater or freshwater, cold water or warm water, the SeaDrone is more than up to the task.

Buy SeaDrone Products

The basic model is currently selling for $2,600.

Visit the SeaDrone website, or contact the company directly, for specific pricing information.

Though the basic model is more than capable, SeaDrone also offers personalized customization of each machine. They want it to meet your needs and preferences exactly, especially if you’re using yours to complete an important underwater application.

SeaDrone maintains a strong social media presence on Facebook and YouTube. You can reach out to them here rather than through the contact information prominently provided on their website if desired.



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