Serial 1 Electric Bikes

As the automotive industry makes a paradigm shift towards sustainability, Series 1 emerges as a trailblazer with its innovative line of electric bikes. In a world seeking eco-friendly alternatives, Series 1 combines cutting-edge technology and stylish design to redefine urban commuting. From sleek city cruisers to robust off-road adventurers, each electric bike in the Series 1 lineup promises a thrilling ride while contributing to a greener tomorrow. Join us on a journey through the revolution of electric mobility with Series 1.

Series 1 Electric Bikes Powerplant

The Serial 1 Electric Bikes are powered by Harley Davidson Motor Company. They are electric bikes meant for commuter and utility use for larger loads. The bikes are clutched to be completely automatic and have a 32-mile range, 22 mph max speed, and 350 watts of power.

Harley Davidson Powered Dashboard

You can now be a sophisticated commuter with the Serial 1 Electric Bikes powered by Harley Davidson. This bike is meant to simplify transportation for an urban lifestyle. With the Harley Davidson brand name, it is sure to make a statement. It has a digital display with battery level, speedometer, and odometer displayed on an LCD screen.

Series 1 Electric Bikes’ Capacity and Modes

This bike can carry a weight of up to 300 pounds and has an electric motor in the rear hub. The automatic transmission system makes it easy on the user by eliminating shifting and clutch making it easy for beginner riders but also ideal for non-riders as well. Four riding modes help you save energy when needed or maximize your speeds depending on your needs: eco, standard, power assist, and power mode.

Battery Capacity

The Serial 1 Electric Bikes are powered by a lithium-ion battery that will last for up to 32 miles at 15mph and 22mph. The battery takes up to 6 hours to charge and can be charged both with a power plug and also by plugging it into the bike, making it extremely convenient. The lights on the bike are LED and there is no need for a key because all you have to do is turn the digital display on.

The bike has a 350-watt motor that is powered by an electric hub in the rear wheel. It has four motors that provide power assistance at any point of riding (one in each wheel).

Serial 1

Series 1 Electric Bike Models

The Rush CTY by Serial 1

Serial 1, the only eBike powered by Harley Davidson
Series 1 electric bikes - The Rush

The Rush CTY is made by Harley Davidson. It is a limited edition scooter and electric bike for the Toronto Scooter Show. This scooter was created by the merging of a Harley Davidson Fat Bob with an Evoke Motorized Electric Bicycle. They were created to be billet aluminum and leather to recreate a fusion of performance and comfort combining one-of-a-kind metal with modern technology. The handlebars on this bike will be custom-designed to give it an automotive feel that will stimulate a riding style that’s very similar to that when driving in a car.

The Mosh CTY by Serial 1

Serial 1, the only eBike powered by Harley Davidson
Series 1 Electric Bikes The Mosh

The Mosh CTY is an electric bike made by Harley Davidson. They created this bike to be as comfortable as possible while riding and were inspired by the popular fat tire bikes on the market. The tires are over 4″ wide and have treads that look similar to those found on mountain bikes, making them good for off-roading. The tires can also give you a smooth ride without damaging the road because they are studded in rubber

The all-terrain tires with studs paired with front and back suspension make this bike a heavy-duty riding machine, not for beginners or children.

The Rush/City Step-Thru by Serial 1

Serial 1, the only eBike powered by Harley Davidson

The Rush/City Step-Thru is an electric bike made by Harley Davidson. This bike is inspired by the old step-through bikes of the past and the city scooter designs of today. The frame and wheels are made out of aluminum for a lighter ride but also for a more traditional look that is popular among vintage collectors.

It has a range of up to 40 miles and can go as fast as 20 mph, which makes it possible to replace your gas-powered scooter with this electric one. It has low maintenance costs and will keep you looking nostalgic as well as stylish; perfect for the urban rider who wants something more than just a motorcycle or scooter but still wants style.

Serial 1