televisions by Séura Storm Weatherproof TV on a luxury patio with the ocean as a background

Séura Storm Weatherproof Televisions

Séura Storm Weatherproof Televisions

The Storm is the premier year-round outdoor weatherproof television by Séura:

A great quality television is an essential element of your personal outdoor entertainment venue. Yet not just any old television will do. You need one that is specially designed for outdoor use so it will stand up to the abuse the natural elements will throw at it.

That’s where the Seura Storm Weatherproof TV enters the picture. With Triple Lock Seal weatherproofing, unmatched reliability, and a sharp, bright picture no matter the lighting or climate, the Seura Storm Weatherproof TV takes the cake in the world of outdoor televisions. Add one to your outdoor space and it is sure to become an instant hit.

About Seura

Seura is one of those companies that rose from humble beginnings to the top of its industry. At the same time, however, the company and those behind it haven’t let the success get to their heads. Seura is still the same company at heart that it was when it got its start out of a garage over 10 years ago.

Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson stumbled upon the idea for Seura in 2003. They realized the need for products that bridged the gap between technology and décor. This thought spurred them to create their Seura Enhanced Series Vanishing TV Mirrors in their garage workshop. The success of their initial creation gave them the ability to construct a number of other products for their rapidly expanding product line including the Seura Storm Weatherproof TV.

To this day, Seura retains a family-run feel with its headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Each Seura product is engineered and handcrafted in this facility. The company remains dedicated to its original mission of moving the industry forward with the belief that, ultimately, quality is what creates luxury.

About the Seura Storm Weatherproof TV

Though Seura offers an extensive range of products, their Storm Weatherproof TV is their most popular. The outdoor television combines sleek, sexy elegance with a robust industrial design. The seamless glass faces, beveled edges, aluminum mitered frames, and tapered profiles ensure that the Storm Weatherproof TV looks just as good as it performs. The weatherproof solutions used by Seura continually outperform those used by others in the industry.

Other than weather, a common problem with using a traditional television in an outdoor setting is glare from the sun. The Seura Storm Weatherproof TV provides ideal brightness levels with anti-glare glass. This ensures an optimal picture even in bright ambient light.

Weather Performance Spec

Seura has put a lot of effort into making its Storm Weatherproof Televisions perfect for just about any climate. The television is designed to thrive outside all year round in temperatures ranging from Arizona’s summer heat to Wisconsin’s freezing winters. In fact, the television is able to safely withstand temperatures from -24 F to 122 F. The TV is capable of this thanks to its unique thermal control system that keeps each individual component at its optimal operating temperature despite the outside temperature.

The Storm Weatherproof TV comes with a Triple Lock Seal that not only helps protect it against weather but also from dust, moisture, and insects. You can rest assured that your outdoor television is safe and secure 365 days a year.

Finally, the Seura Storm Weatherproof TV looks amazing in addition to its high performance. It is known as the thinnest outdoor television on the market only 2.7 inches wide. Unlike other outdoor televisions, you can be proud of the style and elegance your Seura outdoor televisions bring to your outdoor space.

It’s hard to beat any of Seura’s many amazing luxury products. And the Storm Weatherproof Televisions is in a league of its own. If you are looking for a year-round solution for outdoor television viewing that still looks stylish, then don’t look any further than Seura.

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