What is SevenFriday?

Founded in 2012, SevenFriday is a luxury watch brand that has taken the watch world by storm. Inspired by architecture, industrial designs, and engines, SevenFriday luxury watches are distinctive and unique, designed for those who want to go forth and seize each day.

The inspiration designers have found in the architecture of plants and in the inner workings of engines shines through with timepieces that showcase deep, vibrant colors and intricate dials with multiple complex, exposed working parts.

The complex design imparts an independent quality to each of the luxury watches and is a perfect reflection of the brand’s philosophy: all seven days of the week should feel like the free spirit of a Friday.

SevenFriday luxury watches come in three series or collections: the M series, the V series, and the P series. Each watch includes two important elements – the Box and the Interface. Made of stainless steel, the box is a protected casing. The style and shape combine a modern and classic look to create an exciting new style.

These watches are visually stimulating – it’s almost impossible not to take a second glance. Instead of merely the traditional hands of a watch, they tell time through a system of simple circular dials and hands. This continues a long, proud tradition of mechanical clockmaking that dates back to the 15th century (and to the sundial previous to that). People know what a watch looks like, and yet they may hesitate when they see a SevenFriday watch for the first time.

An animation ring surrounds the case, made of different materials. These various materials contribute to the visual style and sense of the watch. The interface usually consists of some combination of hands, discs, dials, and movement.

The indicators on the watch are designed to show the complexity of the watch’s movement on the surface. A dial on one model is made of five separate pieces or layers, with eleven different applications. This intricate construction compels, attracts, and holds your attention. That’s what good design does, and SevenFriday is a master of design and presentation.

SevenFriday is based in Switzerland, where the watches are designed. The company takes advantage of the efficiency of Japanese watch movements and Asian manufacturing to actually produce the watches in Japan.

While prices are more expensive than your average Timex (the lower end starts at about $1,000), they are more than reasonable for unique luxury timepieces.

More Details

Founded in 2012, SevenFriday is now the kind of company that makes you want to buy their products. They have followed a modern, youthful strategy that is yielding impressive results as a new generation realizes how accessible a modern, stylish watch can be.

The quality of these watches is impressive. In fact, qualitatively and aesthetically, SevenFriday watches are at the top of the range for luxury wrist timepieces. Their price tag, while not cheap, could, however, be much higher. Their watch cases, dials, and straps are very high quality, and you will notice as soon as you handle one of the watches.

The company says innovation and creativity are among its highest strengths, and it intends to continue its trend of producing new, quality products that shake up the industry.

Buy SevenFriday Products

You can buy SevenFriday watches and straps in their online store on their website. You can also find SevenFriday timepieces from several online stores, including Amazon, or in fine watch stores around the world. Prices generally range from about $1,000 to $2,000.

For a distinctive, quality timepiece that will make you the envy of your friends, buy a SevenFriday watch today!

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