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What is Shark Diver?  

Have you ever dreamt about diving with sharks?

If so, Shark Diver is for you. The company is dedicated to providing the safest shark diving experiences so you can see these beautiful predators up close and personal.

Shark Diver is also committed to shark conservation efforts. They donate money to a variety of conservation programs around the world. Their shark diving experiences are also geared to protect the shark’s safety just as much as the humans’ safety.

So where can you experience Shark Diver? The service is offered at a number of locations around the world including Isla Guadalupe in Mexico and a handful of sites in the Bahamas.

The goal of the experience, no matter the specific location, is to allow you to see sharks in their natural habitat, and increase your appreciation for them as a species.


More Details  

Most Shark Diver experiences start out with a briefing. You’re taught about the sharks you’re about to see as well as how to stay safe during the diving process.

A diving vessel then takes you out to see these sharks in the flesh. The dedicated team of researchers at Shark Diver knows exactly where these sharks are likely to be each day.

The most popular type of shark to see is the Great White. Those using Shark Diver in the Bahamas are also likely to see Tiger Sharks. To experience both of these species, a customized shark cage is used. The cages used by Shark Diver are the largest and safest in the industry.

Private encounters are also available. Groups and individuals can book a private yacht to encounter sharks on a more private basis. Private encounter packages can be customized and tailored to your group’s individual needs and preferences.

In addition to their conservation efforts, another detail that sets Shark Diver apart from the competition is their shark encounter guarantee. Yes, that’s right, they actually guarantee that you’ll see a shark during the experience they offer. That’s what over 14 years in the industry gets you.

Though most of the services offered by Shark Diver are geared towards tourists, shark lovers, and solo divers, they also offer a variety of more commercial services. These are often utilized by film and TV production crews as well as journalists documenting the lives of these underwater beasts.

Shark Diver also offers a special online channel for videos related to sharks and their shark diving services. Known as Shark Diver TV, this channel is the perfect way to get a better idea of the experience you’re about to be in for.

Buy Shark Diver Services

Shark Diver offers a little something for everyone. They offer shark diving experiences in several different locations for a range of prices.

Their most popular packages include tiger shark diving, great white shark diving, bull shark diving, and deep sub shark adventures. Let’s look at each of these packages in brief detail:

  • Tiger Shark Diving – A cage-free diving experience available in the Bahamas, this 8-day all-inclusive shark dive is only $3,300 per person.
  • Great White Shark Diving – Based out of Isla Guadalupe, this 5-day all-inclusive shark dive lets you see great whites from the safety of a cage for just $3,100 per person.
  • Bull Shark Diving – Head to Fiji to experience the majesty of up to 70 bull sharks at one time.

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