Shatun ATV 4x4

Shatun ATV

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by ToysForBigBoys

If you are looking for power, speed, maneuverability, and safety in an ATV, then the Shatun ATV 4×4 is the right choice for you! You can count on this vehicle for complex and busy trips. Most importantly the reliability of transport is above all.

The Shatun ATV 4×4 is one of the best examples of special transport. This vehicle can move confidently on any off-road terrain. It can handle water barriers, swampy terrains, as well as high ascents.

The Kubota engine provides acceleration up to 45 kilometers per hour. The body was designed and made with high-quality steel, a sealed boat, and a comfortable interior. Very few all-terrain vehicle models have the function and ability to get out of the water and onto the ice, but the Shatun ATV can complete this task perfectly. The Shatun ATV is functional, easy to operate, but also fast and maneuverable. This is the most powerful, reliable, and agile vehicle within this price range.

Shatun ATV