Sherp ATV in the snow

Sherp ATV

What are Sherp ATVs?

If you are looking for the biggest, baddest off-road vehicle on the planet, capable of going beyond where any other vehicle can go, you have found it in the Sherp ATV.

No other off-road vehicle in the world is as qualified as the Sherp to be a helper and rescuer in the most difficult places to access in the world.

How does such a machine come about? Combine twenty years of experience in building off-road vehicles with the best repair parts and technologies in the world and you are well on the way. With every expedition it participates in giving more information to sharpen its focus, Sherp is reliable, durable, simple and strong – especially where there are no roads.

The company that produces Sherp came into existence in 2012 as they began to test a Sherp Off-Road Vehicle prototype. Their goal was to produce a machine without equal. After three to four years of choosing the best technical solutions and hardware, the ATV off-road vehicle has launched into mass production.

More Details

A few of the top features include a patented giant tire, along with a patented system to pump up the tire for best operation. If you fall through ice into water with the Sherp, it’s not a problem – it offers an easy way back onto the ice.

Sherp’s turning mechanism include frictions and separate disc brakes that are highly reliable. The fuel system is designed to allow the ATV to operate for a long period of time with the vehicle at critical angles that would normally cause fuel starvation.

With a high load capacity of up to 1000 kg, Sherp can carry a big load to support your expedition to those hard-to-reach places, even if you have to go over water.

Sherp ATVs are manufactured in St. Petersburg, Russia, and are available in two models: Standard (pickup with a tent) or Kung (includes a hard top with a choice of colors and a soft, transformable interior). The company takes great pride in manufacturing each and every Sherp ATV.

Sherp is a new generation of ATV manufacture. It swims well, swamps are not an obstacle and it can climb easily from the water onto ice. Sherp can clamber over barriers up to 70 cm tall, whether it is climbing over rocks or making its way over fallen trees in the forest.

The Sherp ATV has travelled to places on the planet that have never seen a human foot before, including the most distant corners of the Tundra, the Siberian Taiga, the swamps of the Yugra and the mountains of Kola Peninsula.

The standard Sherp ATV includes:

  • Tent (soft top)
  • An automatic interior heating system
  • Analog dashboard devices and indicators
  • Halogen headlights
  • Hubcaps on wheels
  • Special exterior paint with durable polymeric coverage
  • A 58-liter fuel tank
  • Technology to reduce and isolate motor heat and noise
  • Driver and passenger seats equipped with seatbelts
  • Interior arc of safety
  • Automatic greasing system of SKF chains
  • Kingston valves that drain water from the body
  • Two batteries
  • Hand brake

The Kung ATV includes all the standard features plus:

  • A door that opens upwards, equipped with a shock absorber
  • A transformable interior
  • The possibility of adding your own custom logo drawing on the ATV

The Sherp ATV weighs about 2,866 pounds, seats and sleeps four people, can reach 45 km/hr and includes tubeless, ultra low-pressure tires.

Buy Sherp ATVs

To buy a Sherp off-road vehicle, contact the company through their website. You can fill out a form, email or call. Sherp is, quite simply, the best ATV on earth. You can stop your search now and order your personal model today. You will be the biggest, baddest adventurer you know.