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Foilski, a cutting-edge water sports innovation, combines the thrill of surfing the water in skis with the efficiency of hydrofoils. A hydrofoil is a wing-like structure beneath a watercraft that lifts it above the surface as it gains speed, reducing drag and enhancing performance. Foilski takes this concept to the next level, offering a dynamic and exhilarating experience. Whether used for surfing, kiteboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding, Foilski provides a unique sensation of gliding effortlessly over water, making it a must-have for water sports enthusiasts seeking the ultimate adventure.


What are Foil Skis?

Providing maximum joy by effortlessly flying down a mountain, floating over and through a powdery winter wonderland – that’s why Foil Skis exists. The effortless, elegant movement of a skier in his element is the end goal, and Foil Skies reaches it brilliantly.

Foil Skis are the end product of years of testing for the perfect blend of materials, which in the hands of the master produce a grace, elegance, performance, and purity never before seen on a mountain. If this sounds over the top, you have never worn a pair of Foil Skis.

Foil Skis exist for those elite few who won’t back down, those who will not compromise their desire to be the best and to use the best, and those who insist upon perfection.

Foil is what skiing was meant to be.

Frustrated with the mechanical, mass-produced nature of skis flooding the market, the Foil family of Italy spent years developing the precise combination of materials put together in just the right way to embody perfection under the foot.

When they at last found the elegant joy they were searching for, the family decided to bring their Italian craftsmanship to lovers of downhill skiing all around the world. Several models are available for purchase:

The Classico

Designed specifically with torsion and flex in mind, the Classico is a brilliant all-mountain ski without rival. Its wider base allows a progressive flexing motion that translates to smooth, precise skiing in all conditions, from light, fresh powder to highly groomed runs. Classico is an extension of your legs on the mountain, hugging the slope while letting you maintain the smooth, perfect turns you strive to produce.

The Riserva

The Riserva is the ultimate blend of research, materials, and expert craftsmanship. Inspired by the World Cup of Skiing, its wood core makes use of the flexibility of ash with the sensitivity of bamboo. This makes it a great choice for beginners all the way through experts, as its accuracy and comfort in turn are paramount.

Other models and colors range from a light tan color to a deep brown. One look at these skis, and you know you’re in the presence of royalty. Their performance is unmatched, but their looks may be just as impressive. Other materials include graphite race nano tech base, wood cores, bamboo sidewalls, stainless steel edges, titanal alloy plates, proprietary resins, and more.

More Details

Of course, without bindings, skis are useless. Fortunately for the Foil family, they have created the Swiss watch of bindings. The plated finish is durable and highly attractive, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and beauty. Every detail has been meticulously attended to for ultimate performance, safety, and aesthetics. Every binding is adjusted to your precise specifications, including your physical attributes and your level of skiing proficiency. This perfect fit increases your performance and gives you an outstanding piece of equipment.

Foil poles are also measured to your exact specifications, with stylish, high-quality, and high-performance materials. This includes hand-stitched leather grips and straps, along with vintage leather baskets.

Your custom Foil skis will also include your inlaid initials, a vintage lock, a classic flask, and a monogrammed travel bag made from the finest pure aniline, top-grain leather.

Buy Foil Skis

When you are ready to buy, you can purchase Foil Skis straight from their website. While prices are not listed on the general page, a registration process will begin your journey into customizing your own luxury ski experience. You can contact Foil Skis from the contact page on their website with any questions or to request more information.

Foil Skis are the skiing experience you wish you could have every time down the mountain. Don’t miss out – order your pair today!

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