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Smithers of Stamford


Smithers of Stamford


What is Smithers of Stamford

If you march to the beat of your own drummer, Smithers of Stamford is for you. If you like to head upstream when everyone else is going straight downstream, Smithers of Stamford is for you. If you fancy yourself to be quirky, different or unusual, Smithers of Stamford is for you. If your goal is never to blend in, but always to stand out, Smithers of Stamford just might be for you.

Smithers of Stamford can do all this and more with their unique blend of vintage, quirky and retro designer furniture and accessories for your home, office or whatever space you want to decorate.

Run by the husband-and-wife team of Nick and Kim Smith (the name Smithers is a mashup of Smith and Her – Smithers), the store sources quality vintage and retro pieces that really express who you are as a person. The Smiths don’t care about the latest fashions or trends in the furniture and accessories industry. They are interested in helping people display their hip and unusual side one piece at time.

More Details

The name of the game for Smithers is bespoke items created individually as custom pieces for clients. A few categories of their products are listed here so you can get a taste of what they offer: Furniture, Lighting, Home Décor, Industrial, Aviator, Reclaimed, Comic, Drum, Shaker, Vintage Clock, Gifts, Boombox and Garden.

Best sellers include Edison retro vintage light bulbs, comic furniture (chairs and trunks covered with comic strip fabric), a leather travel trunk, a porthole ship style mirror, a Mohawk aircraft coffee table and a pilot falcon leather chair. A retro kitchen trashcan is designed as a bright red fire hydrant. Aviator, boombox, retro and comic items appear to be big sellers overall.

If you are looking for a particular piece or style, give the Smiths a call or send an email explaining just what you are looking for. They will be glad to help you source your piece and may already have what you want – not everything in stock is listed on their website. They love to help individual customers find those must-have pieces, and they have many A-list and Hollywood stars on their client list.

If you need inspiration, check out the Smithers of Stamford blog on their website, where product and gift ideas are posted and the Smiths just generally have fun with poems, lists and photos related to their store offerings.

Buying from Smithers of Stamford

Located in England, Smithers offers free shipping anywhere in the United Kingdom. The store will also ship items to the United States and the rest of Europe, but shipping fees will apply – contact the store for more details.

Smithers also offers a 30-day return policy on all items with no questions asked. If you decide you would rather have a different piece, if something didn’t look quite the way you thought it would or if you just plain change your mind, send the item back for a full refund. All Smithers products also include a 12-month full warranty for defects.

Prices on the site vary widely, from a $26 Edison Retro Vintage Light Bulb to large furniture pieces that are several thousand dollars, such as the Aviator Desk for $4,215. Most items seem to fall in the few-hundred dollar range.

If you like offbeat, quirky and vintage, visit the Smithers of Stamford website or stop by their store when you’re near. You’ll like what you find (if you can’t find anything right, just ask – the Smiths are fantastic treasure hunters) and what you ultimately bring home won’t just be a new piece of furniture – it will be an expression of your personality for all to see.



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