SnapSports Athletic Surfaces

athletic surfaces by SnapSports features a basketball court in a rich persons backyard with green grass and a fence

SnapSports Athletic Surfaces


SnapSports Athletic Surfaces


SnapSports is a family owned and operated company that specializes in the production of both residential and commercial athletic surfaces.

For more than 4 decades, SnapSports have created and delivered high-quality sports surfaces.

Technology behind Their Surfaces

This family owned company is the only company offering “Safe Play” patented features and they are specifically renowned for their ShockTower sport surface that comes with shock absorbing technology, which has been engineered for extreme performance and with the players’ safety in mind. The shock deflection component reduces risk of serious injury caused by aggressive play.

ShockLock might sound like it provides the same function as ShockTower, but not nearly. The ShockLock is an interlocking system that allows individual modules to slide with the entire surface remaining fully interlocked. This built-in system creates a safer surface and eases joint impact.

Another feature worth mentioning is the BounceBack, which refers to the over 1,000 shock absorbing structures per square foot that provide impact resistance throughout the entire surface and at the same time ensures constant performance.

Reasons Why People Buy SnapSports Surfaces?

As mentioned earlier, SnapSports surfaces are available for both residential and commercial purposes. People purchase SnapSports surfaces for residential purposes so as to provide their family with a safe place to hone their sports skills. The high-quality SnapSports surfaces also encourage people to engage in regular exercises. The use of SnapSports surfaces for commercial purposes is almost mandatory as it enhances athletes’ performance and at the same time it cushions them from serious injuries that are mainly caused by impact.

Ask for a Multi-Court

If you have limited space, yet wish to have a court that can accommodate a couple of sports, then you should ask for a Multi-Court. The space required for a Multi-Court is only a quarter of the size of a regular tennis court. The Multi-Court surface is engineered to easily convert between basketball, tennis, volleyball, futsal, hockey, paddle tennis, shuffleboard, hopscotch, four square, kickball, badminton, and more all on one court. You can choose your lining and color design from the over 16 color options. You can also include a custom logo on your floor.

How long does it take to Finish Outdoor Court Construction?

The company acknowledges that no two backyards are the same. Also, some people ask for customized courts and such factors make it hard for the company to exactly tell how long it will take to complete an outdoor court construction. Time taken will also depend on terrain, access, HOA approvals, weather and so on.

Once the colors, plans and designs are finalized, components are ordered and construction is initiated. Most outdoor courts are ready in less than 2 weeks.

What Makes Them Unique?

SnapSports offers an extensive line-up of quality sports surfaces for both residential and commercial use. They also have a variety of sports surfaces for indoors and outdoors. Their service cuts across a variety of sports and among the most common surfaces that they manufacture include basketball, volleyball, handball, and multi-court surfaces, among others.

SnapSports were the first company to initiate modular sports flooring. With nearly 40 years of engineering, inventing and creating outdoor games and premium athletic floors, no other company has more hands-on experience than their team.

SnapSports athletic surfaces are tested and approved by USSL – the official sports testing facility famous for stringent standards for flooring systems.

The company is composed of nearly 100 team members and the manufacturing facility is located in Salt Lake City Utah.


SnapSports athletic surfaces immensely reduce the risk of injury. You can also always ask them to custom paint your indoor or outdoor court to have a color that complements your home. If you are the type of person that loves engaging in a variety of sports then you should ask for a multi-court.



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