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What is Solloshi?

When you think of luxury materials, there is one metal that stands above the rest: titanium. Just the sound of the word rolling off your tongue conjures up smooth elegance that places the product a cut above anything else around it.

Titanium is the material chose by aerospace engineers and F1 drivers, the metal that performs well and looks spectacular, the substance that rises up and says, “Look at me” with its pure elegance and smooth, refined luxury. This is what gentlemen want. No, this is what gentlemen need.

Solloshi wants to take advantage of this image with their line of supreme titanium accessories. Their primary focus is the cigar industry, although other luxury titanium gifts are available as well. Solloshi’s philosophy is that a fine exotic cigar deserves fine exotic accessories that preserve the cigar’s subtle flavors and complement its high quality.

Every Solloshi product is not just an accessory – it’s a work of art. The beauty of the pieces reflect the perfection of the materials. Solloshi’s mission is to construct the best titanium accessories in the world, and their passion shows in the remarkable, refined products they produce.

Available Products

Themis – Desktop Cigar Holder

The Themis is a large, tabletop cigar pod holder which looks just like a Colt revolver cylinder. It is precision engineered with a CNC milled body from 7075 aluminum, the exact material used to make legendary M16 rifles for the U.S. Military. The cigar pods which hold the actual cigars are CNC machined from titanium. The rotating cylinder turns on internal bearings with a unique revolver sound. The Themis holds up to six cigars.

Cronus – Titanium Edition

The Cronus is a cigarillo/cigarette holder with a Colt cylinder design so it looks like the chamber of a classic revolver. It is precision engineered and CNC machined from titanium. The rotating cylinder, which holds up to six cigarillos or cigarettes, includes interior bearings and makes a unique revolver sound.

Rhea – Titanium and Bronzo Editions

The Rhea is a simple but elegant tabletop rest for a cigar. Assembled from three separate parts, it is CNC machined from titanium and holds cigars with a suggested ring diameter of 43-58. The Rhea is also available in a Bronze edition.

Theia – Titanium Edition

This titanium pocket ashtray is compact and will fit perfectly in your pocket for those times when you need the luxury of a smoke away from home. It is CNC machined from a single block of titanium.

Other available products include several models of cigar or cigarillo/cigarette holder tubes. These holders come in various shapes and sizes, including bullet-shaped. Model names include Hyperion, Crius, Tethys, Iapetus, Cronus Bullet and Themis Bullet. These carrying cases make the perfect method for transporting your fine cigars when you will be smoking out of the comfort of your own home.

Luxury Titanium Gifts

Oceanus Bracelet – This sophisticated titanium bracelet is a tribute to true seamen who find their adventure on the open water. The bracelet includes titanium with caoutchouc as well as lightweight organic rubber. The result is a casually elegant piece that reveals its wearer to be an individual of adventure and sophistication together.

Coeus Valve Caps – These titanium valve caps for your motorcycle or car immediately upgrade your vehicle from just a method of transportation to a titanium-enhanced lifestyle piece that tells everyone about your savvy knowledge of accessories.

Buy Solloshi Accessories

Solloshi titanium accessories are machined from the finest titanium materials. Prices range from just over $500 for smaller accessories up to $9,500 for the larger holders.

See Solloshi’s website for more details and/or to order titanium accessories for yourself.



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