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SOLO Personal Skiing Machine

SOLO Personal Ski Machine, lets you practice your favorite watersports on your terms:

The SOLO Personal Ski Machine is honestly unlike anything else you have ever seen before. Disappointed by numerous no-show boat drivers, the team at SOLO realized the enormous need for a machine that allowed wakeboarders and water-skiers to tow themselves. Their SOLO Personal Ski Machine is the solution to the no-show driver problem. It is a product that allows you to hit the water by yourself without needing a driver to tow you.

About SOLO

The SOLO Personal Ski Machine has been in development for over 28 years. Every feature of the machine has been gone over with a fine tooth comb to ensure its safety, high performance, and great overall quality.

The team at SOLO consists of dedicated wakeboarders and water-skiers. The Personal Ski Machine was not designed as a way to roll in the dough. It was designed to solve a problem. It was create by water-skiers for water skiers. In this way, SOLO exceeds expectations on every front.

About the Personal Ski Machine

The SOLO Personal Ski Machine is just about as unique a product as you’re likely to find. It is a sort of miniature boat, a pilotless watercraft with a Rotax 4-TEC 150 ECT Jet Propulsion System that can reach 50 miles per hour. The water-skier uses a thumb-operated control (attached to the tow handle), basically enabling them to become the skier, driver, and spotter all rolled up into one.

The thumb-operated control on the tow handle gives you all the controls you need to effectively operate the Personal Skiing Machine. There is an automatic kill switch built in so that the engine shuts down, bring the boat to a quick stop, as soon as you fall off. At the same time, a “downed-skier” automatically flag pops up from the craft as soon as the kill switch is engaged. It automatically retracts when the engine is re-started and you begin skiing again.

Numerous other functions are included in the thumb-operated control. These include necessary functions such as turning, acceleration, stopping, and a horn. With a minor amount of practice, these operations quickly became second nature. After you learn them, they become quick and intuitive movements you don’t have to think twice about.

The SOLO Personal Ski Machine is currently available for purchase. More information on the machine is available at The crew is at SOLO is more than happy to talk to interested customers so check out their contact information if you want to talk to a company representative on the phone.

Who is the SOLO Personal Ski Machine For?

The SOLO Personal Skiing Machine is for just about anyone that loves waterskiing or wakeboarding. Though it is not the best device to learn to waterski with, it is safe and fun for riders without a lot of experience to use. At the same time, it is powerful enough for expert riders to get their fill of water-based adrenaline with. If you like to waterski alone or can’t often find a friend to drive the boat, then the SOLO Personal Ski Machine is the answer to your prayers.

SOLO Personal Ski Machine

Second glances are par from the course with the SOLO Personal Ski Machine. When people see you speeding by without the help of an actual boat, it’s hard not to look. Simply put, the SOLO Personal Skiing Machine attracts a crowd. And for good reason – it truly is an amazing creation.

So what are you waiting for? If you love the water, waterskiing, and wakeboarding, you need a SOLO Personal Ski Machine of your own.

[accordion] [accordion-item title=”Transcription”] Hi, and welcome to My name is Josh, your product specialist, and today we’re talking about the SOLO Personal Ski Machine. Now, this is really unlike any other watersport product on the market, maybe even any other watersport product in the world. Now, the team at SOLO realized the enormous need for a machine that allows wakeboarders and water skiers to tow themselves. The SOLO Personal Ski Machine is the answer to that no-show driver problem, and it’s a product that allows you to hit the water by yourself, without needing another driver, another person to tow you. This machine has been in development for over 28 years, actually, meaning each of its features has been scanned over with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring safety, ensuring high performance, ensuring great overall quality. This is a pilotless watercraft with a jet propulsion system that can travel up to 50 miles per hour, meaning, if you’re an experienced water skier or wakeboarder, you will be able to enjoy everything that this has to offer. Now, the water skier uses a thumb-controlled operating system that attaches to the tow handle, enabling them to become both the skier and the driver at the same time. With just the thumb controls, you can control everything, all the operation. That means turning, that means acceleration, deceleration, stopping, and even a horn. With just a little bit of practice, these controls quickly become second nature. So after a few sessions, you’ll be skiing as if you are being towed by somebody else. So if you like to ski alone, maybe you’re embarrassed, or you just wanna hit the water by yourself, you don’t have another driver, then the Ski Machine is the answer to your prayers. It’s guaranteed to get a few double takes, a few looks, wherever you are out on the ocean, out on a lake, out on the inner coastal, wherever you wanna ski. It is absolutely a head-turner. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. While you’re here on our website, go ahead and check out all the other amazing products we have here for you. You’ll be very happy you did. Once again, for Toys for Big Boys, my name is Josh. Have a great day. [/accordion-item] [/accordion]