motorcycle by Sora electric superbike on a road

SORA Electric Superbike

SORA Electric Superbike Motorcycle

The SORA by LITO is the world’s first luxury electric superbike:

The SORA by LITO is the world’s first luxury electric motorcycle. It combines, speed, extravagance, and excitement into one innovative package, and will fulfill all of your speed needs. Climbing from zero to sixty miles per hour takes just 4.7 seconds on the SORA Electric Motorcycle, and you’ll be able to go up to 120 miles per hour. With the low requirement of only three hours per charging session on some models, you can travel up to 120 miles per charge on your sleek SORA Electric Superbike.

Revolutionary Features

The SORA Electric Superbike is loaded with revolutionary features that are only available on the most luxurious two-wheeled machines. The SORA gets its massive amount of pure power from its functional and efficient electric motor, as well as from a high-density Lithium polymer battery. You’re SORA is easy to start and comfortable to ride, thanks to its keyless starting mechanism and ample storage compartment.

The chassis on the SORA Electric Motorcycle is made of fully custom aircraft-grade aluminum and comes with a regenerative braking system and top-quality suspension. Other luxurious, revolutionary features of this first-class electric superbike include a variety of adjustable riding positions to enhance your comfort. The SORA is the only bike with an electronically adjustable café racer seat, allowing you to shift from the relaxed café racer position into a higher road racing position that is reminiscent of a performance street bike. The SORA also has a touch screen with an advanced GPS and safe range system, which will ensure that you reach your destination without a problem, and an advanced power management system, designed to optimize each trip you take.

Technical Features

Designed with state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality parts, the SORA is a feat of motorbike engineering. This Superbike’s chassis is made of lightweight aluminum and features a front suspension with a 43-millimeter inverted cartridge fork that is fully adjustable. The Bike’s rear suspension is fashioned with an Elka suspension that is also fully adjustable and has an of aluminum swing arm. The powertrain on the SORA Electric Superbike is also noteworthy. It features power control, LITO advanced software, an integrated computer system, regenerative braking, and three control modes: performance, normal, and safe range.

LITO Innovations

LITO is the first company in the motorcycle industry to develop a bike that combines electric motorization, sport-like performance, and adjustable driving dynamics. The result is the sporty SORA Electric Superbike, which features an electrical seat that allows you to shift between “custom” and “sport” handling as you ride. LITO’s innovative technology also allows for the SORA Electric Superbike to be produced at a lower cost and in a shorter amount of time, all with a reduced vehicle weight. LITO’s innovations are designed to maximize power, minimize environmental pollutants, and reduce fossil fuel consumption. With your SORA Electric Superbike, you’re getting a turnkey Electric Vehicle Propulsion System, an automatic Safe Range System, and an adjustable driving position mechanism. No matter who is enjoying the SORA Electric Superbike, you can rest assured that they are riding a powerful, fun machine that was designed with safety in mind.

With the SORA Electric Superbike, you’re not getting just any old bike. You’re getting a technologically advanced, luxurious machine designed to provide you with hours of safe, reliable fun for years to come. With its keyless ignition, touchscreen GPS, road-gripping suspension, high-performance brakes, and safe range system, the SROA Electric Superbike has everything you’ll need, and more, to fulfill your craving for speed and entertainment.