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Stine Game Tables


What is Stine Game Tables?

Stine Game Tables is the premier manufacturer of top-quality gaming tables in the United States.

Each Stine gaming table is built to order to perfectly match your preferences. The custom nature of their products ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for. It also ensures you’ll be the envy of anyone that sees your gaming table in your home.

The vast majority of Stine gaming tables are built with poker in mind. A variety of sizes, shapes, and layouts are available to base your custom table on.

Once you pick out the design of your individual table, the Stine team starts work. Each and every table is hand-made so every single detail is perfect.

Indeed, Stine Game Tables is all about the details. Every single aspect of their tables is customized to provide the utmost in luxury. You get to choose the wood, felt, accents color, pedestal style, and so much more.

Many Stine gaming tables are designed to match the décor of stylish homes. Their tables have been features in magazines like Player Magazine, House & Home Magazine, Décor & Style Magazine, and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Yet that’s just the start of it all. Stine gaming tables are not just made with gaming in mind. Though that’s the main focus, each table can also be used for dining. These optional dining tops fit securely and look great. They instantly transform your Stine gaming table from the perfect place for poker to the perfect place to eat a great meal.

More Details

Stine Game Tables takes poker playing surfaces to a whole new level. These aren’t your granddaddy’s poker tables. They’re the pinnacle of luxury. Their luxurious nature makes them a top choice of the rich and famous.

Celebrities that have purchased Stine gaming tables for their own homes include basketball player Sean May, actor Kevin Pollack, baseball player Derek Jeter, Guns N’ Roses guitar player Slash, television show host Montel Williams, comedian Carlos Mencia, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, actor John Travolta, and musician Wycleaf Jean.

As mentioned above, the factor that helps set Stine Game Tables apart from their competition is their eye for detail. Build your own custom game table and choose your fabric color, metal finish, wood finish, and more. The end result is a perfectly customized gaming table for your home.

Another thing that helps set Stine apart is their passion for poker and gaming. Each team member is a poker fanatic. Their passion for what they do shines through in the construction of each product.

The passion of the Stine team also shows in their customer service. Call for a custom-built table and you’ll be patiently guided through the options. You’re never rushed or pushed to make a quick decision when it comes to Stine.

Buy Stine Game Tables Products

The most popular option is to buy a custom Stine gaming table.

These tables start at around $3,000, but can run several thousand dollars more, depending on your needs and preferences.

Stine produces tables that encompass a wide range of designs. Though many of them are built in an antique style, ultra-modern designs are also available.

Present Stine with your idea and they’ll find a way to work with it. When they say custom, they mean custom. They can do pretty much anything you ask them to.

Because of the custom nature of their products, the best way to find out more about buying Stine gaming tables is to contact the company directly. Their contact information is readily available on their website.

Also available on their website is an extensive photo gallery of past gaming tables.



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