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Strange Carafes


Strange Wine Carafes


What are Strange Wine Carafes?

Some products must be seen and held to be truly appreciated. Such is the case with Strange Wine Carafes, exquisite glass wine decanters that look more like high-end sculptures than traditional wine vessels. Created by French sculptor Etienne Meneau in order to provide a visual demonstration of how wine becomes modern, the decanters combine art with functionality to provoke wonder and excitement.

These carafes are an artistic take on a old concept, one which is sure to entertain your friends and guests at dinner gatherings. The carafes will provoke conversation and admiration as you pour wine for your guests.

With about a dozen different models, Meneau has created an elegant collection suited for the most luxurious homes. Some models take their inspiration from tree branches, with numerous forks and branches that end in test tube-like feet that rest on the table. The numbered variations are distinguished by the number of and diameter of the segments, as well as the branching patterns and whether the segments are straight or curved.

Other models are inspired by the design of a heart, with the glass tubes interconnected to form an abstract heart-shaped knot. (Wine is supposed to be good for your heart, after all.)

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of wine, try Strange Carafes. Instead of pouring your wine into a glass or a traditional decanter to breathe before you drink it, Strange Carafes provide an intriguing alternative and make a nice conversation piece as you drink wine with your guests.

More Details

Each decanter holds a half bottle to an entire bottle of wine. The company suggests learning to pour from the carafe with water instead of wine, but after a short training period, you will be able to pour without spilling a drop.

The carafes are made from borosilicate glass, which is very strong chemically and thermically. To clean the decanters, just wash with very hot water and rinse thoroughly before rinsing one last time with demineralized water or drinkable white alcohol. Let the decanter drain for two or three hours upside down on a folded towel. Make sure to prop the decanter up in a corner when you do this – you may even discover an interesting new sculpture when you view it upside down!

Even when you are not pouring wine, Strange Carafes make excellent home décor pieces that add an air of sophistication and elegance to your surroundings.

Buy Strange Wine Carafes

Strange Carafes range in price from 1,500 Euros (about $1,650) for the smaller models up to 10,000 euros (about $11,000) for larger sculptures. Most are in the 2,000 to 3,000 Euro ($2,200 to $3,300) range.

To purchase Strange Carafes, contact the company through their website and for more information. With these decanters in your home, you will be the very definition of entertaining, elegant and upscale. Try Strange Carafes today – you will be the first in your circles to experience the wonder and excitement that comes when you find a new twist on a old concept.




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