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What is SuiteHop?

The thrill of seeing the big game in person. The rush of seeing your favorite act live. It’s only the thousands of screaming fans in your way of a great time. Why not avoid the crowds and have your own luxury suite? This is where SuiteHop comes in. The luxury suite marketplace connects you and your group with the top options at the nation’s leading sports and entertainment venues.

SuiteHop Sports is the answer and where you can immediately find availability. If you own a suite, then you can have it listed so qualifying buyers can see it. The process is as easy as browsing any online listing. Once suite holders and teams list their tickets, you can find the actual suite by locating or searching for the event. Many options are available and you can pick a shared suite or have a private one all to yourself. With SuiteHop, you avoid all the complexities of planning an event in a stadium suite.

Even more, you don’t have to just sit and watch the game. Depending on the level you choose, there are amenities such as catering, concierge service, and free ticket delivery. A team member of your choosing, or based on availability, can be arranged to meet with you. Have your company logo embroidered on a team hat or have agendas or personalized venue maps drawn up for your group.

SuiteHop is based in Denver, Colorado. Its parent company is Sports Share, a leader in membership-based access to luxury suites in stadiums and arenas across the U.S. Since 2005 it has been connecting buyers with suites at prices a fraction of what full season leases cost. For you, your group, or employees, that means more affordable luxury suite options.

More Details

The cool thing about SuiteHop is it’s not one size fits all. There are three customizable levels of service, starting with Level 1: HOP. At the most basic level you get suite tickets in a private or shared suite. Pick the suite online or enlist the help of a suite expert who can coordinate your experience.

Level 2: SKIP also includes catering. Satisfy your group’s food and beverage cravings and SuiteHop will help pick the best selections based on how many people are planning to attend. Options vary by event type as well. At Level 3: Jump, you get coordinated access, catering options, plus event planning and an electronic invitation management service in which the experts handle the email invites. Concierge service on the day of the event is also included.

If you’re holding a business event, private party, or something else, SuiteHop is for you.

Buy SuiteHop Tickets For Your Sports Viewing

You can find suites by searching the venue or the team, artist, or event. Even search MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and NCAA suites and availability for concerts. Is there a specific event you long to have the luxury suite experience? Check out featured events on the SuiteHop website. Hold a party, entertain your clients, reward your staff, and get to know your prospects in a comfortable, more private setting. Looking for new ways to train employees and motivate sales staff? Book a suite and everyone can then enjoy the event afterwards.

he best thing is, you don’t have to spend time and resources on planning corporate events. All the hard work is done for you with SuiteHop. This also removes any uncertainty as you’ve got the help of qualified experts who know just what you need. Understanding that relationships drive business, SuiteHop experts will provide you with the best luxury suites, views, and service to maximize the experience.



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