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Surface Tension Arcade Tables


Looking for that super-creative piece of furniture for your home or office? Need a one-of-a-kind, wow-factor piece that blows away anyone who walks in the room?

With Surface Tension creative furniture design products, your search is now complete. Not only will you have a stylish piece of furniture, the pieces double as arcade video games that actually work!

The Dual is an arcade coffe table that is plug and play and comes loaded with 60 games. You sit head-to-head and alternate between players by flipping the screen. It’s perfect for your game room, lounge or office and is available in a walnut veneer with gloss black sides.

The Nucleus is a multi-functional arcade coffee table with 100 games that is set up for side-by-side gaming. It includes a Shuttle PC, so it also works well for Internet access and playing music or showing a video. It’s available in gloss black with a solid walnut, oak, or birch frame.

The Retrograde model is an upright arcade machine – perfect for that new game room! It comes ready to play with 100 games and room for more. This machine works well with two players since it offers shoulder-to-shoulder gaming with a pair of joysticks, buttons and a trackball. The Retrograde also includes a Shuttle PC, so it is ready for just about anything.

Another popular item the company sells are giant Rubik’s Cube tables that can be used as storage, seating or tables. Available so they look either solved or scrambled, this is a hugely fun, entertaining, multi-purpose piece of furniture. The cubes will bring life in whatever room you find them. They are not actually functional – don’t try to turn the squares – but the insides are open for storage.

Rubik’s Cubes are sprayed with tough gloss black paint and finished with vinyl stickers that will not fade or peel. The cubes are about the height of an average coffee table and can be shipped worldwide from the United Kingdom, where they are manufactured.

More Details About These Arcade Tables

Surface Tension was born after the founder noticed arcades weren’t around anymore. He built his first arcade tables soon after, which eventually turned into an arcade table with fold-away controls and a hidden screen so it was a stylish piece of furniture when it was turned off.

Designs became more refined from there, including stainless steel legs, a full 10mm glass top and a brushed metal control panel. Different finishes were included to work better in various homes, and games such as Pacman, Donkey Kong, Asteroids and more were loaded for customers to play from the comfort of their own living rooms. Innovative new designs followed and continue today!

If you are a video game connoisseur from back in the day, Surface Tension products are for you – you’ll be transported to a simpler place and time, where all the cares of the day fade away and it’s just you and the video screen!

Buy Surface Tension Products

To get more information on pricing or to have any questions answered, visit the Contact page on the company’s website. Their goal is reply to all emails within 24 hours, so feel free to hit them up with a question or two.

Prices for arcade tables are about 2,000 pounds (about $3,000) for the Dual, 2,750 pounds ($4,200) for the Nucleus, 2,400 pounds ($3,600) for the Retrograde and 166 pounds ($250) for the Rubik’s Cube. Don’t let these unique pieces get away from you – call today!



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