weapon concealment by Tactical Wall Units a gun about to be hidden in a piece of furniture

Tactical Wall Units Weapon Concealment

What are Tactical Walls?

Home defense is no laughing matter. If you want to take the best possible route to be prepared in the case of emergency or intruder, Tactical Walls might be one of the best decisions you can make. Tactical Walls home defense weapon concealment systems are modern, attractive wall mirrors, shelves, clocks, picture frames, furniture and other home décor items which provide an ideal place to conceal your weapons that can protect you against home invasion.

If your gun is locked in a gun safe, it will be protected, but you may not be. You can lose valuable time unlocking a gun safe and it may not even be in a location that you can reach easily. Tactical Walls aims to change that. Their home defense philosophy is simple: be prepared. Their products allow customers to react quickly in an emergency. The extra time you gain by using Tactical Walls may make all the difference in protecting your family.

Tactical Walls provides home defense, hidden in plain sight.

More Details

Tactical Walls offers several different ways to conceal your guns in your home. Concealment covers are in-wall inserts that install between the studs in your wall. They are then covered with a decorative frame that can be a mirror, white board, chalk board or a custom photo print. The covers attach to the inserts with powerful magnets and they will blend in perfectly with your décor (they come in various colors and styles).

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Concealment shelves do not require you to cut a hole in your wall. They mount directly on the wall as a shelf. The bottom of the shelf includes a hinge that lets it swing down so you can easily access your stored items. Shelves can also include accessories such as LED lighting and extra foam pads. You can use the top of the shelf for whatever you need – books, photos, decorative items, etc.

If you don’t want to hang something on the wall, try weapon concealment furniture. The Tactical TV Lift Cabinet is a solid piece of furniture that looks like a television stand but actually conceals any number of guns and weapons for your protection.

Other concealment home décor items include a clock with a detachable face and a custom tissue box. If you lift the top of the box off, a pistol and magazine are concealed underneath.

Buy Tactical Walls

If you are ready to make the commitment to protecting your home by making your weapons as easily accessible as possible, you can buy Tactical Walls products on their own website. Prices for concealment covers and inserts range from $50 for a single insert to almost $500 for the largest insert bundle, including the cover. Concealment shelves run from about $200 to about $400. The Tactical TV Life Cabinet costs almost $4,000.

actical Wall products are also available through a nationwide network of dealers, which you can find on their website. If you are ready to get serious about home defense and easily accessing your weapons, now is the time – try Tactical Walls today!