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What is The Tiwal Inflatable Boat?

There is just something about being on the open water that calls to mankind. Skimming over the waves, the sun shining, not a care in the world, salt water spray on your face – this is feeling alive. Whether you like to be on the ocean for fishing, sightseeing or just enjoying the feeling of getting away from land, a trip on the waves can be relaxing or even exhilarating, depending on what you’re looking for. The Tiwal Inflatable Boat is your chance to experience all of this and more.

Access to that exhilarating open water feeling just got a lot easier, thanks to the Tiwal, the world’s first high-performance inflatable sailing dinghy. Designed for water sports or simply for a leisurely sail on the water, the Tiwal makes the entire process easy and fun. Navigation is a breeze, but you still get the thrill of speeding over the water.

Because of the boat’s versatile design, it works well for one person or for a pair or more, whether occupants are looking for a high-performance machine or a recreational craft. It is 10.5 feet long, weighs only 111 pounds, and both assemble and de-assemble in about 20 minutes each. The boat is so compact, that it easily fits into two bags when it is broken down. These bags are easily stored in a shed or closet and can then be easily transported in the back of your car or truck to your favorite sailing destination. The Tiwal can generally hold two adults or one adult and two children – the maximum load is 418 pounds.

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With its wide, V-shaped underbody that provides maximum stability, the Tiwal is designed with safety in mind, whether you are sailing competitively in rough water or out for an afternoon jaunt with friends on calm seas. The sail is built without a boom and with plenty of clearance to the boat so sailors can easily move about the vessel. If the boat capsizes, it is easy to get upright, even with just one person, thanks to its unique design.

The Tiwal inflatable boat is also designed for portability. It is stored in just two bags and can be easily carried by two adults when assembled. One adult can actually handle the inflatable boat if a cart is available to transport the boat across the shoreline to the water.

An electric pump is used to inflate the hull of the boat, which is designed from the same PVC material used in sem-rigid motorboats. The typical sail for a Tiwal inflatable boat is 5.2 square meters, which is the recommended size for most sailing situations. If you are an adrenaline addict who wants more thrill in your life, a larger 7-square meter sail is available. This sail will catch more wind in typical light-wind situations and will speed the Tiwal over water faster than the smaller sail.

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Tiwal high-performance sailing dinghies are produced in France and sold throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, with an office in Massachusetts in the United States as well. Prices for the Tiwal range from 5,490 Euros ($6,042) for the smaller-sized 5.2m2 sail to 5790 Euros ($6,372) for the larger 7m2 sail. You can purchase the boat with both sails for 6480 Euros ($7,132). Accessories available for purchase include lines (ropes), sails, a boat cover, a beach dolly, and more.

If you’re looking for a thrill on the water or just for a fun afternoon sailing trip, the Tiwal high-performance inflatable boat offers a convenient method to do so. The inflatable boat combines ease of use with portability and high performance for a package that’s hard to turn down.

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