Top Women Clothing Designers

Top Women Clothing Designers

There is much more to the right set of clothes than merely looking good. A proper ensemble naturally breeds confidence; the very feeling that plays a key role in finding success. What’s more, this feeling doesn’t necessarily have to stem from a fancy set of garments. The right look can be casual and still convey a vital air of strength and empowerment.

In some cases, this sense of strength and empowerment organically flows from the designers themselves. The following women have risen to the top in part because they are remarkably confident in their own abilities. Of course, there are great reasons why they exude confidence – their clothing is phenomenal.

versace-2Donatella Versace

The name Versace is synonymous with high-end fashion. But while Donatella could easily ride the coattails of her famous surname to success, she rejects this notion totally, choosing instead to be a continual force of progressive design. The fact that she is still the company’s chief designer, as well as its Vice President and 20% stakeholder, is all the proof you need to know that she is a woman that does not rest on her laurels.

betsey-2Betsey Johnson

She’s nearly as famous for her clothes as she is for her whimsical approach to life; an approach that compels her to end her fashion shows by performing a cartwheel. However, behind this somewhat over-the-top persona is a business-savvy person with a strong acumen for creativity. This particular skill set is easily demonstrated by her winning collections of breezy, feminine designs.

sandy-2Sandy Powell

When a movie producer needs to turn to someone to make their actors and actresses look good, they could very well turn to the British-born Powell. All you need to do is take a look at her track record to see why this is the case. She has taken home three Academy Awards for Best Costume Design and has been nominated seven other times, more or less becoming part of directing legend Martin Scorsese’s inner circle in the process. Her trophy case is also filled with two BAFTA awards amongst several other plaudits.

prada-2Miuccia Prada

Since Prada took over the family business in 1978, she has transformed it into a fashion empire that rests comfortably amongst other industry heavyweights. While she is most famous for her remarkably exquisite, finely-woven nylon handbags, her chic yet approachable line of men’s and women’s clothing is brilliant enough to cultivate a cult following in its own right.

herrera-2Carolina Herrera

There has always been a sense of timeless elegance to Herrera’s clothes. At the same time, the men’s and women’s designs that she has been creating for over three decades seldom, if ever, cross over into the realm of stuffiness. Perhaps this is why the Venezuelan-born Herrera has been tapped to dress First Ladies like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Michele Obama over the years. It is definitely why she has been a New York fashion icon for decades.