Trondheim Trawler

Trondheim Trawler

Trondheim Trawler

What is Trondheim Trawlers?

Trondheim Trawlers is the company behind the first-of-its-kind electric yacht of the trawler type. It’s designed for quiet and eco-friendly cruising.

A day out on your yacht is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. It’s a day to soak up the sun, enjoy nature, and listen to the invigorating sounds of the sea.

The problem is that the loud sound of the motor often ruins the quiet solitude of a day out on the water. With the Trondheim Trawler, you will no longer face that problem. With its quiet electric motor system, the only sound you will hear is the water ebbing along the side of the hull.

The revolutionary yacht is designed using Torqeedo electric inboard deep blue motors, a fully integrated system in which all components are created to match each other seamlessly and to work together perfectly on the water. It is the first high-power propulsion system in serial production.

One thing that sets this electronic system apart is its outstanding safety features. Because many electronic boating systems are custom-built by small vendors without overarching safety standards, the result is dangerous accidents and damage to the boats.

Deep Blue, however, has its own insurance tariff presented by Pantaenius, Europe’s leading specialist in yacht insurance. This makes the Deep Blue motor system unique in its high achievement of safety, performance, and range.

Safety isn’t the only thing that makes this battery-powered system unique. It includes a variety of fantastic features including an onboard waterproof touchscreen computer, an electronic remote throttle with key switch, an emergency magnetic kill switch, a top-class high-voltage battery, and a high-voltage electric motor.

The Trondheim Trawlers most popular model, the Trondheim Trawler 40ft, has made headlines in numerous publications, including New Atlas, Passage Maker, and YBW. All articles have touched on its safety, efficiency, noise control, and eco-friendly nature.

It’s safe to say that the marriage between innovative design and progressive technology is working well for Trondheim Trawlers.

More Details

The Trondheim Trawler is stunningly beautiful, both inside and out. Sophisticated, elegant, and modern, this yacht will definitely make you feel at home. It’s designed to be cozy and inviting, and just looking at the pictures it’s easy to see that they’ve met that goal.

The interior contains contemporary, neutral wall colors and light wood floors and cabinetry, allowing for a light, airy, and relaxing atmosphere.

The Trondheim Trawler comes in three different models: 43ft, 40ft, and 30ft. All are designed for long, onboard living and sleep up to six people. Their bold design withstands high waves and winds, and its metal hull allows it to safely enter shallow areas.

The battery-powered motors that make up the yachts are said to last for up to six hours, but fishing expeditions can last much longer than that.  For that reason, they include onboard, diesel-powered generators that will both power the motors and recharge the batteries.

To ensure your comfort and experience of noise-free boating, the generators they use are noise-shielded 25 kWh generators, which are approximately 40% quieter than typical diesel engines.

The design of this boat genuinely has your comfort in mind, allowing you a stress and noise-free experience.

Buy Trondheim Trawler Products

The Trondheim Trawler is under construction now, but the company is still looking for investors. For that reason, they are offering an investment opportunity. They sell shares in the US C Corporation with a starting value of $2,500,000.

They are offering not only shares in their boatyard, but you will have a share in their first boat to enjoy it with your family for 1-2 months in the year, depending on your investment.


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