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Ultraskiff Fishing Boat


What is Ultraskiff?

Any angler knows comfort, safety, and stability are extremely important when fishing. Traditional boats are built to high standards, but small watercraft can be a challenge to fish from. A tiny shift in direction or the slightest drift can completely ruin your chances of that perfect catch.

Ultraskiff has changed that with a seemingly impossible design – a round fishing boat. The goal was to solve the problem of having to frequently change seating positions. When fishing, facing your target is essential. The round boat concept addresses this well. Buoyancy and stability issues were solved through a unique design approach and a prototype.

Today, the Ultraskiff 360 fishing boat is ready for market. A single seat gives you enough room to move about in the six foot wide craft. At 123 pounds, the PVC structure is designed to handle your center of gravity. You can sit, stand up, cast, and get in and out of the boat without it tipping over and throwing you into the water!

More Details

If you’re concerned that a round fishing boat sounds like the recipe for a soaking, there’s even more. The Ultraskiff 360 has a detachable pedestal mount. Shock absorbers have been integrated into the design and serve as a cushion, which is great for your sea legs. The boat is resistant to chop and even the movements you make. Many times the hull can shift a little and you won’t even feel it. Another perk is it prevents stress fractures from forming in the plastic. The pedestal mount deflects torque and pressure so the hull lasts.

If transport concerns you, the craft can be easily taken with you. It has eight strap guides. These grooves, located along the gunwales, and the exposed center hole are all you need to secure the Ultraskiff 360 to your trailer or pickup truck bed. Just tie up to two fishing boats with ratchet straps and you’re ready to go. The center hole is a lifesaver. Remove the center pedestal and you have a space to strap the boat down vertically or horizontally.

This round fishing craft has even more.

With Ultraskiff 360, there’s more than an impossibly stable fishing craft. You can also keep supplies in the three deep, wide storage compartments. When the doors are open, you may even use them as cutting boards. The craft has four cup holders where you can put your phone down. Four 5-inch cleats can be removed so you can install rod holders or fish finders.

The craft has a molded tow ring, six rod holders, and a bumper/roll bar for when docking. A bow flare stops water from splashing into the boat. It even gives the craft lift in rough waters. In addition to stable fishing, the Ultraskiff 360 gives you convenience, safety, and easy storage and transport.

An angled surface allows you to get your footing while in the boat or stepping in and out, as your own center of gravity keeps the craft stable.

Buy from Ultraskiff

Although patent pending, Ultraskiff 360 can be purchased by email or phone for $1,595. Except for in Hawaii or Alaska, U.S. shipping is included in the price. You get the fully assembled hull and pedestal mount plus hardware for installing any pedestal base. There are instructions on the website for adding batteries, seats, and motors which are not included in the package.

If you’re longing for a simple comfortable, stable, and economical platform you can easily transport and get in the water, the Ultraskiff 360 is your answer. Ultraskiff can be reached at sales@ultraskiff.com or 727-444-0021. Call today to see how easy fishing really can be.



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