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Unique Wood Design


Unique Wood Design


What is Unique Wood?

These are not your mother’s bathtubs. Smooth, elegant, refined – and made of wood. Wait, wood?

Yes, wood. And they look spectacular. Thanks to Unique Wood Design, a Polish-based company, high-end luxury bathtubs and washbasins can be yours – if, that is, you want to create a sleek, contemporary look that will make your bathroom the envy of your friends.

The company’s adventures with wood and water began with building wooden yachts and boats, before branching out. Over the years, the family company developed top-level carpentry and boat-building skills and technology. Their woodworking experience, combined with modern coating technology and creative design, created the dynamic, growing company you see today.

Wood is one of the most sophisticated natural materials you can work with. Different manufacturing techniques bring out unique textures and colors that you may not have seen from a different angle. Wood has a natural warmth, a soothing touch and great thermal insulation characteristics.

Even though man has been working with wood for thousands of years and even though technology has advanced tremendously, sometimes the old ways are best. In their shop, Unique Wood Designs uses advanced design software, modern tools and technological solutions.

At the same time, they still use chisels, hand sandpaper and a traditional lathe. They don’t want to leave the work of the actual final product in the hands of computers – they want to craft the final beautiful versions themselves.

You might be wondering how wood can function as a bathtub considering the fact that it absorbs and holds water. Remember the family’s history with building yachts? They adopted a technique from that industry called the impregnation method. This method provides multilayer coating of the wood that leaves it fully waterproof with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

The impregnation method did have to be modified for use in the bathroom, so after consultation with subject specialists and building a new technological backup, the company has developed their own proprietary impregnation method that works like a charm. It leaves the tub reliable and with a beautiful aesthetic effect that satisfies even the most demanding clients.

Unique Wood Designs believes their designs are not finished until someone is using the product. Their carpenter’s goal is to bring out the natural beauty the wood contains. Their designs are simple and harmonious, with their clients’ comfort the main goal. To accomplish this, they use extensive ergonomic analysis and integrate cutting-edge technologies into their work.

More Details

Wooden bathtubs are a fantastic idea to provide a unique bathroom look. Its minimalism works well with both classic and modern décor, and it exudes warmth and harmony. Every tub and washbasin the company makes possess its own unique character.

Unique Wood Designs’ oval and circular tubs include the following models, with washbasins to match:

  • Munai – ash (light)
  • Baula – walnut (dark)
  • Madra – oak

Rectangle tubs that offer sharper angles are also available in several models, along with matching washbasins. The company can also makes custom pieces to order – just contact them with your needs.

Buy Unique Wood Products

Unique Wood Design products are manufactured in Poland and can be found around the world, including in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Some products have found a home in yachts that cross the ocean, while others will be installed in hotels, spas, restaurants and private residences. The company works well with reliable courier services – as they like to say, distance is not a barrier anymore.

Prices are not available on their website, but you can contact the company through their email address and phone number posted on their website.

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