bike storage by Vadolibero is a Milan-based new company born with a mission: to design and create smart solutions dedicated to those who love and use their bike





What is Vadolibero?

Vadolibero believes what you believe: that a world designed for cyclists is a better place. Based in Milan, Italy, this start-up’s mission is to design and build smart, sophisticated solutions for those who not just use their bike, but those who love their bike.

You might use your bike every day or just occasionally, you might be male, female, young or old, live in the city or in the country, in Europe or America. The details don’t matter. What matters is your love for cycling and this collection of never-before-seen products that will make your biking life both simpler and bigger on the road and at home.

Vadolibero has looked around the world to choose the best solutions that help you turn bike riding into a way of life. They want to create exclusive products for those who, like you, see your bike not just as a machine to get you from Point A to Point B, but an expression of your true self.

Not every product is created equal, so Vadolibero’s goal is to put in more heart, intelligence and sheer time than anyone else so they can bring to life a special world for bikers. In this world are high rates of passion, creativity and innovation; these qualities are used to create refined materials of the best quality and top craftsmanship.

All Vadolibero products are created, designed and made in Italy with an intense attention to even the tiny details because it’s sometimes the small things that make the biggest difference. Because cycling is such a fun and cool way to live, their products help spread that message throughout Europe.

More Details

The first collection by Vadolibero is called Ride Home. The first two major products include the “Bike Butler” and the “Bike Shelf,” a fusion of cycling and interior design that enable people to live out their bike passion even at home. These are surprisingly different solutions that let you shape your passions into your own pieces of furniture.

In their creative effort to think outside the box, vadiolibero is in the process of transforming common functional objects (think wall pocket, bookshelf, lamp, locker or tea) into the best accessories a cyclist has ever seen.

Bike Butler

Bike Butler is the smartest bike storage stand around, thanks to its free-standing base. Built to organize and contain everything you need in order to ride your bike, the Bike Butler includes a drawer large enough to hold a bike helmet, gloves and a scarf, along with a vertical space behind a folding door with a magnetic closing. It also includes hooks for glasses, key and more, as well as a hidden internal space where you can store tools, water bottles or whatever you need.

Bike Shelf

Bike Shelf is a sophisticated book-shelf that turns your bike storage into a fantastic work of art in your own home. Designed to display your bike (and your accessories) in a manner that is spectacular and functional, Bike Shelf turns a typical book-shelf into a show-stopping piece.

Bike Shelf’s natural oakwood organizer includes lines so clean and minimal that they will work well in every atmosphere. It even includes a clothes rack shaped as a handlebar. The rack is actually an LED light that you can switch on and off just by touching it. In the evening hours, the LED provides great atmosphere for your bike display.

With a modular structure, Bike Shelf can hold every kind and size of bike, thanks to a stainless steel universal clamp that works for any wheel and handlebar width.

Buy Vadolibero Products

Vadolibero’s unique products are available for sale on the company’s website. They offer 15-day delivery and free shipping in Europe. For more information, regarding their bike storage furniture view the website or contact the company through the phone number or email provided on the site.

When we all join Vadolibero in working to make the world designed for cyclists, the mission is that much closer to being accomplished. Join Vadolibero on their quest today!



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