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Vanderburgh Humidors



Vanderburgh Humidors


Fine cigars deserve a fine Vanderburgh Humidor that retains their flavor and protects them from environmental fluctuations. There are many companies that manufacture interesting humidors for today’s cigar aficionados. Few of them, however, come close to matching the artistry and design that Vanderburgh & Company put into their humidors.

Vanderburgh & Company makes the humidors in three broad categories. Whether you like to enjoy a daily cigar or you just have them on special occasions, a humidor in one of these categories will match your needs.

Handcrafted Vanderburgh Desktop Humidors

Most cigar smokers will get the features they need from a Vanderburgh’s handcrafted desktop humidor. The company builds its desktop humidors out of traditional materials like solid hardwoods and leather. This creates a humidor that looks beautiful on your desk. You can also choose desktop models with solid Spanish cedar, solid granite floors, and solid brass hardware.

Vanderburgh and Company make four types of desktop humidors. The Classic models have a simple elegance that will look perfect in your den or office. The Chamfered models rely on pure minimalism by bringing out the wood’s natural beauty. The Traditional Panel models are slightly more ornate, but still elegant. Artisan models combine art and function to make truly one-of-a-kind desktop humidors.

Vanderburgh Travel Humidors

If you like to reserve your best cigars for special occasions, then you might need a travel humidor that keeps them in perfect condition until just the right moment. Vanderburgh & Company offer rugged travel humidors made of real wood, fine leather, and quality aluminum. There isn’t a speck of plastic in the whole thing. They look better than cheap humidors, and they work better so you can enjoy every puff while standing on a boat deck, playing a game of golf, or celebrating a wedding.

Your cigars deserve more than a plastic cylinder that barely protects them from getting crushed.

Vanderburgh Cabinet Humidors

Not many people need a cabinet humidor. Men with large collections, however, need a big humidor to keep their prized possessions in perfect condition. Cigar retailers can also use the Vanderburgh cabinet humidor to keep their most impressive items ready for eager buyers.

Since few people need cabinet humidors, Vanderburgh can work with practically any material you prefer. Depending on the situation, Vanderburgh & Company might even use refurbished materials that have historical or personal significance. For instance, the company has built at least one cabinet humidor from antique Chinese panels. Despite showing extensive signs of age, Vanderburgh’s experts were able to get the materials back into useful condition. This provided the owner with a very special addition to his furniture collection.

A Bespoke Humidor Just for Your Collection

If you’re serious about giving your cigar collection a beautiful home, then you will want a bespoke humidor from Vanderburgh & Company. The bespoke humidor are designed to match the specific of your home and collection. Every aspect is customized to give you a luxurious experience that keeps your cigars in perfect condition while complementing your home’s existing furniture.

Vanderburgh has a reputation for making some of the world’s most finely crafted humidors from the finest materials available. The company also has several unique accessories to enhance your experience. Its collection of ashtrays is particularly impressive and includes designs made from glass, granite, walnut, mahogany, and tiger maple.

Some men like to enjoy a cigar at the end of the day. Others keep them tucked away from just the right moments. No matter how you prefer to enjoy your cigars, Vanderburgh humidors will make sure that stay fresh. They’ll even give you an impressive piece of craftsmanship that will impress everyone who steps through the door.



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