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VDBMoto Harley Scrambler


What are VDB Moto Motorcycles?

While motorcycle manufacturers build and sell established models of their motorcycles, many custom builders take historic versions of those models, strip them down to bare bones and then build them back up again with their own take on the classic version.

One of the best at this is VDB Moto in Brooklyn, New York, where they design and build straightforward, fun to ride motorcyles. These are not just models that look nice (although they do look fantastic) and sit in a shop window – they are meant to be ridden and enjoyed!

VDB Moto works with both new and vintage motorcycles by deconstructing and then upgrading and rebuilding the models to their own specific design. This makes each motorcycle produced by VDB Moto a unique machine.

More Details

One of VDB’s best models is the H-1, a Harley Davidson motorcycle based on a ’99 Sportster 1200. The Harley-Davidson Sportster is the company’s longest-running model. First introduced in 1957, it has been characterized by its light weight, low cost and accessibility to new riders. This makes it the perfect model on which VDB Moto can work their customization magic.

With this project, VDB Moto wanted to create a retro look and transform the motorcycle into a more versatile model than a normal Harley. They decided to convert the bike to a scrambler with an American V twin.

To achieve this, they changed out the entire front end for a new set of Showa inverted forks attached to custom aluminum triple trees. Braking power increased with a larger rotor and taller shocks lifted the back end higher. They also traded out the original mag wheels for 18-inch spokes to provide a more classic look.

A Boyle Custom air cleaner combines with straight high pipes to make the V twin sound like a beast on the prowl – it releases power through a chain that replaces the original belt drive.

The overall riding position is now four inches lower than the original set up, which flows well with the feel of the enduro bars. Mini switches are wired inside the handlebars to keep the front end clean, while the speedometer is mounted in the headlight bucked and LED indicators are attached to bar mounts.

For this classic H-1, VDB Moto also shortened the frame and welded a loop with tabs for the rear indicators. They fabricated brackets to hold fenders and a headlight and they also added an aluminum mudguard in the wheel well for more protection.

They added a Hondamatic tank painted a pastel Jaguar green that blends well with the lines of the handmade brown-ribbed leather seat. The overall result is sure to please – the machine is both functional and fun to drive, and its classic lines work well on any road setting. This is a custom motorcycle that will be the envy of your friends!



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