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What is Velocity Boats?

Velocity Powerboats isn’t just any old boat manufacturer.

Over 30 years of offshore racing experience has given them the knowledge and expertise to create some of the best high-performance powerboats in the world.

Founded in 1978, the company grew from humble beginnings into the powerhouse it is today. It all started with the vision of ambitious founder Steve Stepp. Racing boats since he was a teenager, the young boating fanatic applied everything he learned from winning 5 world records to building his own performance boats.

Perhaps the most important contribution that Stepp and Velocity Powerboats have made is the invention of the Stepp Transon and Pad Bottom hull. The creation of this hull was unlike anything the boating world had ever seen before, changing it in one fell swoop.

Not only did the hull provide a more stable and comfortable ride, it also allowed their boats to travel more than 10 miles per hour faster than others in the same class. On top of this, the hull was more durable and could withstand far more abuse.

The technology used in the original Stepp Transon and Pad Bottom hull is still used in its updated form to this day. This makes any model offered by Velocity Powerboats one of the best in the world. They’re renowned for their speed as well as their safety.

Velocity Powerboats has just upped their production by moving to a new 20,000 square foot facility in Florida. New molds and designs have resulted in better products than ever before.

Though the company is doing more than well for itself already, they’re set to expand even more in the future. New models are currently being experimented with and are sure to be hits when released.

Interested in adding a Velocity boat to your personal lineup? You have a few main options to consider:

“Bay Boats”
The Bay Boat is the most versatile boat offered by Velocity Boats. It combines a race-proven hull with a lightweight design and functional deck. It’s the safest and highest-performing boat in its class. Two models are available: the 260 Bay and 220 Bay.

“Center Consoles”
Velocity Boat’s Center Console boat is a water recreationalist’s dream. It’s the perfect boat for fishing, scuba diving, or plain old day cruises. It’s created with the same attention to detail as Velocity’s Bay Boats.

“Performance VR Series”
When it comes to high performance, you can’t beat the Performance VR Series offered by Velocity Boats. This is where the original racing technology developed by the company is most evident.

These boats are among the highest performing powerboats on the planet. Indeed, they’ve won more world records with stock engines than any other manufacturer.

Velocity Performance VR Series boats are available in several models. Choose from the 260 VR, 290 VR SC, 290 VR, 320 VR, and 390 VR depending on your needs and preferences.

More Details

Though their performance hulls are what they’re best known for, Velocity Boats are experts at all areas of boat design.

In addition to comfort, one of the top features of these luxurious boats is their overall comfort. They strive to make them as comfortable as possible in all conditions. The hull stands up to even the roughest water conditions while the actual deck design is created for maximum comfort.

Another great feature of Velocity Boats is the absence of wood. There is absolutely no wood in any of their boats. The reason for this is to increase each boat’s overall lifespan by reducing rot. As Velocity Boats themselves state “no wood, no rot.”

Buy Velocity Boats Products

Velocity Boats offers an extensive line of products.

Get a feel for what model is best for you by giving the company a call with the information provided on their website. They’ll be more than happy to set you up with a test drive.

Pricing information isn’t provided on Velocity Boat’s website as it varies from boat to boat depending on your personal specifications.



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