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Vintage Electric Bikes

Vintage Electric is combining modern bike technology with vintage bike design:

Vintage Electric Bikes Mixes New Tech with Old Aesthetics

Vintage bikes have the coolest designs. Unfortunately, they don’t always have features that can keep up with those included in modern bicycles. Vintage Electric Bikes solves this problem by bringing the latest engineering features to an old aesthetic.

Once you decide that you enjoy biking enough to purchase a high-quality bicycle with a timeless look and a wealth of features, turn to Vintage Electric Bikes to find an option that matches your unique tastes.

Features that Make Vintage Electric Bikes Irreplaceable

Vintage Electric Bikes designs and builds two base models that combine the benefits of electric motors with the wonderful appearance of older bikes. Both models have a 30-mile range that more than meets the needs of most cyclists. The electric motors charge within two hours, so owners taking long journeys can plug them in to recharge during work or while grabbing a bite to eat.

Riders can extend the bike’s range by using its regenerative braking feature. Braking creates energy, but most bikes cannot do anything with this energy except let it escape as heat. Vintage Electric Bikes harness that energy to keep the battery charged during long rides. Vintage Electric Bikes even created a small computer that ensures smooth braking that captures as much energy as possible.

The battery built by Vintage Electric Bikes also makes its bicycles as reliable as most modern cars. Perhaps more importantly, though, is the custom box that houses the lithium battery. Vintage Electric Bikes casts each battery box in its Santa Clara factory. The box is specially designed to distribute heat, which keeps the battery in top condition. The box also improves battery efficiency and protects the bike’s electrical components from weather.

Upgrading to Race Mode

Vintage Electric Bikes offers an optional Race Mode that buyers can have added to their vehicles. Race Mode makes it possible for riders to gain a burst of speed that takes them to 36 mph. The bike powers this burst of speed with a 3,000 watt rear hub motor. It’s a fun way to catch a quick breeze by essentially turning your bike into a motorcycle.

The company doesn’t recommend using Race Mode on city streets. In fact, it’s probably not street legal where most people live. It’s intended for off road adventures. As an optional add on, though, it’s difficult to resist. Who wouldn’t want a bike that can break 30 mph?

Adding Accessories to Your Vintage Electric Bike

Vintage Electric Bikes also has plenty of accessories that can make your bicycle even more useful and attractive. Some of the most popular accessories include:

  • Attractive toolboxes that contain the tools you need to make repairs on the fly
  • Gear racks that make it possible to carry groceries and other items
  • ABUS Bordo Ecolution 6000 Lock, a folding lock made from natural plant based fibers
  • Panniers that can hold all of your essential items while you ride to work or school

Biking has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Today, people bike for all kinds of reasons, including exercise and commuting to work. As more and more adults start using their bikes on public roads, they will become more serious about the designs they buy. Vintage Electric Bikes is already way ahead of its competitors.

If you want to take advantage of this emerging technology, now is the time to learn about electric bikes and the features that matter most to you. Not everyone can afford to own one of the world’s best bikes. If you have the means to buy a Vintage Electric Bike, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of that opportunity.