Simulators with virtual reality by Vesaro a racing simulator with gray walls

How Times Have Changed, I remember Ping!


One of my favorite luxury toys on Toys for Big Boys are the simulators with virtual reality built in.  Now you do have to pay a pretty penny for these, but then again, if it is not expensive you will not find it on our site.

The Vesaro is a high-end luxury flight and racecar simulator that can do just about everything with options for different steering setups, five different motion-simulation settings, a state-of-the-art Tactile Feedback System, THX 5.1 Surround Sound, options for up to three displays, and countless other customizations, there is virtually no limit on what the Vesaro I can be.

Another really high-end luxury simulator is the Virtual Fly they are terrific training tools for pilots because they provide them with the ultimate in realistic environments in which to hone their skills. From creating typical real-world scenarios such as night flight or mountain flight to risky situations such as bad weather or short airstrips.  Everything is just so darn realistic, not like ping one of the very first video games, you actually feel like you are driving in the Indy 500 or flying with the Blue Angels.

If you do not want to fork over $70,000+ you can choose between the Eleetus or the Motion Simulation simulators.  They may not have as many bells and whistles but well worth the adventure. Both available as flight or driving.


The last simulator was one of my first luxury toys on the site.  The High Definition Golf simulator. This virtual reality experience is  perfect for when the weather will not cooperate with your game plan.  Or better yet don’t tell your golfing buddies and kick all their butts after you master the game using this simulator.