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The concept of flight simulation has been around for about as long as the art of flight itself – the first simulators hit the scene at around 1909. And while a good flight simulator is a lot of fun to play with, it also needs to be a device that helps future pilots learn the ropes and helps veteran flyers stay sharp. And if you’re lucky enough to sit behind the panel of a Virtual-Fly product, you can experience both fun and function.

Virtual-Fly at a Glance

Virtual-Fly has been in the business of designing, producing, and distributing flight simulators since 2004. The Barcelona, Spain – based company crafts full motion flight simulators, flight panels, and controls, providing the customer with a wide range of options to fly the virtual skies. These can be as intense as the OVO-04 model, an incredibly-realistic, portable, full-motion flight simulator that plugs into any standard domestic socket. In the OVO-04, you can sit inside an egg-like elevated cockpit and experience the full rollicking motion of flying the plane. It can also be as simple and approachable as the YOKO, a plug-and-fly control that can connect into a PC or laptop and give you a precise feel of flight in your hands.

Virtual-Fly’s flight simulator are terrific training tools for pilots, because they provide them with the ultimate in realistic environments in which to hone their skills. From creating typical real-world scenarios such as night flight or mountain flight to risky situations such as bad weather or short airstrips, the products can help to put inexperienced pilots develop a sense of comfort and confidence for the times when they may need it most. Plus, the full-simulation models can eliminate any guesswork in terms of how a real airplane would handle specific situations or scenarios – a few virtual flights can provide you with the answers to questions that may otherwise linger. They are also great for pilots to train or have fun with at home; in some cases, Virtual-Fly’s hardware can even be integrated in existing systems.

Pricing of Virtual-Fly’s Products

Virtual-Fly’s smaller, less intensive equipment like the Yoko start in the 1,000 euro price range. Larger, more fully immersive products like the OVO-04 start out at 69,000 euros. While some of the products on Virtual-Fly’s website do not feature prices online, the company does a pretty good job of letting you know the prices of a decent chunk of their inventory without you having to drop an inquiry their way. Because the company is European, all of the prices listed on the website are listed in euros, so you may want to brush up on your conversion rates.

The Magic of Flight

While Virtual-Fly’s range of products are designed to bring the notion of flight simulators as close to the real thing as possible, the impressive element about the service is that it brings about this in a way that is not intimidating for the would-be pilot. Dealing with the jolts and movements found in even a virtual cockpit can be intimidating, but Virtual-Fly’ machines manage to make these elements approachable. If you’ve ever wanted to really feel what it’s like to fly a plane, Virtual-Fly provides you with one of the best ways to do experience that feeling.

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