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What are Vizoury dumbbells?


Vizoury combines aesthetics with functionality in customized dumbbells. These dumbbells set you apart from others with the finest materials available. You can set these dumbbells out for an impressive display.

With Vizoury, you customize the look you want. You choose the base, coating, engraving, showcase, and, if you would like, diamonds.

These dumbbells are beautiful and handmade to your specifications in the South of Germany by craftsman that take pride in their work. These are true artists producing works of art in a functional tool.

These artists will take your custom design and create technical drawings before beginning work. You can expect the engineers to create your dumbbell design from stainless steel. Each distinctive feature is added on, based on your desires.

Vizoury uses the rarest metals to ensure quality over time. If you choose to add diamonds to your custom design dumbbells, each premium hand-cut diamond is manually added with precision.

The showcase included is also customized to your tastes with several wood finishes available. If you would like your showcase in a different wood finish, Vizoury will provide you with more options.

If your dumbbell design is extremely unique, you can speak with a representative from Vizoury to meet your needs. The company works to fulfill your wishes and provide you with the ultimate luxury.

Vizoury ensures that each piece is under the highest quality control during the crafting process. This includes using pure and food-safe stainless steel. The coating process guarantees that whether your dumbbell is coated in yellow gold or rose gold, the finish will last for years.

Vizoury dumbbells can be used during your weightlifting sessions or displayed in their showcase box for guests. These luxury pieces truly leave a legacy behind for generations to enjoy.


More Details


To begin customizing your Vizoury dumbbells you will need to choose the weight and polish of your pieces. Each dumbbell will begin as pure stainless steel. You can choose weights between 2 and 20 kilograms. The polish widely available is high-gloss or matte; however Vizoury can provide you with more options as well as engravings upon request.

You are going to want to use a precious-looking color to make your dumbbells stand out. With Vizoury, you can choose from 24 carat fine gold, 24 carat rose gold, ruthenium, and more.

If you want diamonds, you choose the design and arrangement as well as the color and size of each precious stone. Vizoury’s artists use their fine jewelry expertise to fulfill your desire with each dumbbell.

The showcase is a timeless piece that will last many years. It is available in a distinctively grained walnut wood, cherry wood, and bamboo. Vizoury will work with you if you would rather have your showcase made in another type of wood.

The end of each dumbbell is shaped like a cone with a concave base, unlike ordinary dumbbells, adding to the mystique.


Buy Vizoury Products


A brochure is available for download on the Vizoury website. The basic dumbbell begins at 4.900 EUR per pair with options like pure steel, pure gold, pure pose gold, and pure ruthenium.

Diamond designs can vary in price, but the “Black and White” design begins at 19.900 EUR for a black diamond surrounded by two rings of white diamonds on each side. You can also choose two large rings of diamonds only starting at 29.900 EUR.

You can order your customized dumbbells through Vizoury’s website or visit an upcoming event or exhibition to learn more. Their most recent events are being held in Monaco. Vizoury also works with boutiques in Austria and Germany. Check out their website for more information regarding pricing and stores.



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