VSN V.360 Mobile Camera

VSN V.360 Mobile Camera

VSN V.360 Mobile Camera


VSN V.360 Mobile Camera


Plenty of smartphones have advanced cameras that make it easy to photograph your experiences. Unfortunately, even the best smartphone cameras have some limitations. The V.360 from VSN Mobil offers better features that will let you record and share all of your adventures.

360 Degree View

It’s difficult to take panoramic pictures with most smartphones. Specially designed apps can make the process easier, but you still have to take several pictures that get stitched together. The slightest mistake can make it nearly impossible to create a seamless image.

Even standalone cameras rarely have the features needed to take great panoramic pictures. Finally, there’s a solution that honors your most breathtaking adventures.

The V.360 takes seamless 360 degree photographs and videos. The camera is specifically designed to take 360 degree pictures, so you don’t even need to stitch them together before sharing with friends. It’s the first mobile camera capable of 360 degree views. It can see about six times more than what one normally can see.

High-Tech Features to Complement Your Lifestyle

The V.360 has several high-tech features that make it simple for you to take, store, and share your images. Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility lets you control the camera from your Apple or Android smartphone. The camera even comes with a Bluetooth remote that you can use to start and stop video on the fly. Just touching a button turns the camera on so you can capture a thrilling moment.

The V.360 also connects to Wi-Fi networks. It can even act as a standalone access point that lets you control the camera remotely. The Wi-Fi connection makes it possible for up to five people to stream images and videos at the same time.

If you want to upload videos and photos quickly, you can use the camera’s USB 3.0 port. Once you have the files on another device, you can share them via social media or email.

It’s not always smart to trust the cloud when you need long-term storage. The V.360 has a micro SD slot that expands the camera’s existing memory and lets you store footage offline. The camera accepts Micro SD cards with up to 128GB of storage.

Record Sound that Brings Footage to Life

The designers at VSN Mobile knew that they had to take a new approach to capturing sound. In the end, they decided to include dual microphones capable of recording and delivering sound in stereo. This complements the 360 degree view of the camera, bringing your footage to life so other people can feel the experiences you record.

Built for Action

VSN Mobile also included plenty of features that makes V.360 great for filming sports action. The camera’s durable build can withstand everything from mountain biking to kayaking. The camera is waterproof up to three feet for 30 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your footage.

Thanks to sophisticated battery, you can record up to two hours of material without stopping to recharge. That’s essential for serious adventurers who want to focus on what they’re doing.

The V.360 even tracks your movement with GPS, altimeter, accelerometer, and barometer technology. When you review your recordings, you can see exactly where you were at the time. You can even see your altitude and speed. This technological sophistication puts the 360 degree camera in a class of its own.

If you’re serious about sports and outdoor adventures, then you need a V.360 to record your experiences. Simply put, there isn’t another option that works as well as this camera. Without it, you may miss some of the most remarkable moments of your life.



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