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Walker Wilderness – Container Homes


What is Walker Wilderness – Container Homes?


If you love to camp and hunt, but your family likes the comforts of home, consider a storage container cabin or hunting lodge. The Walker Wilderness – Container Homes can be placed permanently or moved throughout your land when needed.

Michael Walker, the owner of Walker Wilderness-Container Homes, combined his love for Colorado nature with the ease of luxury living by launching Walker Wilderness Retreats. This collection of moveable cabins, tiny houses, and wilderness retreats are available. You can choose from predesigned plans or customize your own cabin.

The cabins have been featured in Gizmag, Tiny House for Us, and Tiny House Swoon. Clients include hunters, fisherman, tiny home dwellers, campers, businesses, and guide housing.

Each cabin provides electricity, plumbing, LED lights, tankless water heater, toilet, bathroom, kitchen sink, shower, shelving, barn door, and a lockable storage area.

To add to your family’s comfort, you can opt-in for additional features like an oven, dishwasher, wood burning fireplace, solar panels, generator, game cleaning station, or a Yeti Cooler.


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The shipping containers used for the cabins are made from CorTen Steel, which is corrugated steel resistant to corrosion. The structure of the cabin is wind and water proof, making the cabins hurricane proof. These homes are perfect for areas that experience tropical storms. Workers volunteering after a hurricane or other flooding can consider using one of these storage containers for portable and temporary housing.

As for plumbing, each cabin can hold tanks for fresh water, gray, and black water, allowing for storage and proper disposal. You can also connect the cabin to well or city water as well as sewer lines or septic lines.

The containers are wired for electricity and can run on or off the grid, according to the Walker Wilderness website. With the inclusion of the electricity and plumbing, you can go back to enjoying your hot showers, flushing toilets, and clean dishes while hunting or camping.

You can have your new cabin (storage container) delivered to your property by truck without permits due to the containers falling within the USDOT guidelines. Due to the sound structure design, the container can be moved without destroying or damaging the interior or exterior finishings.

For an additional cost, you can add more of the comforts of home such as appliances, solar panels, or a generator. Walker Wilderness will work with you to customize your wilderness retreat or tiny home to your specifications.

You can view photos of samples on the company’s website. These samples include wood floors, shelving throughout, track lighting, luxury-designed showers, kitchen cabinets, and counter space.

The sample floor plan on the website includes two bedrooms, one on each end of the shipping container. One bedroom features a bunk bed set and the other features a full size bed. Of course, you decide what floor plan you want to use or work with Walker Wilderness to create your own design.

Your customized floor plan can also include space for the wood burning fireplace or a small kitchen table and chairs for dining. You will stay well-insulated from the outside elements as the containers consist of over three inches of closed cell spray insulation within its walls.


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Although Walker Wilderness – Container Homes does not list prices on their website, Tiny House for Us reported one of the storage containers as running around $65,000 or best offer.

You can learn more about the cabins and pricing by visiting the Walker Wilderness – Container Homes’ website and completing the online form. The website also provides contact information. A representative will return your inquiry as soon as possible.



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