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WaterCar amphibious vehicles


The Panther byWaterCar is the most fun vehicle on the planet:

Engineers have been building amphibious vehicles since the 1920s. Unfortunately, those cars came with serious limitations. By today’s standards, it’s hard those early designs as either cars or boats. WaterCar started working on better designs in 1999. Now, it offers one of the most sophisticated, unique vehicles in the world.

If you love the road and you love the water, buying a WaterCar is one of the easiest ways for you to make the most of your recreational time.

The World’s Most Effective: WaterCar Amphibious Vehicles

WaterCar builds  customizable amphibious vehicles that goes from the road to the water in just 15 seconds. The company’s most recent model can exceed 55 mph on land, making it suitable for highway use. It has a maximum speed of 44 mph in the water. That’s plenty of speed for waterskiing and wake boarding.

The WaterCar gets its power from a Honda 3.7-liter VTEC engine and a Panther Jet propulsion system. It comes with most of features drivers expect to find in standard cars, including seatbelts and four wheel disc brakes. Since buyers get to customize their vehicles, WaterCars can come in practically any color.

The Thrill of Your Life, The Envy of Your Friends

Owning a WaterCar means you can travel practically anywhere without letting pesky water get in the way. Instead of looking for the nearest bridge, you simply drive into the water, slip into amphibious mode, and continue on your way. At first, it’s a thrillingly novel way to explore the world. Over time, the WaterCar becomes your go-to vehicle for fun.

The WaterCar gets attention everywhere you go. Navigate it between standard boats to see people gawk in wonder. Other men will stare with envy. Women will dote on you and your unique amphibious car. Not everyone has the ability to purchase a WaterCar. Those who do should feel free to show it off as a status symbol. For some men, that’s half the fun.

Buying WaterCar Amphibious Vehicles

WaterCar sells two versions of its amphibious car. The Complete Custom version, which costs $155,000, includes a marine intercooler, transaxle, stainless steel thru hull fittings, and Yokohoma tires.

The Turn Key Minus version ($126,000) includes all of the features available from the Complete Custom design except for the custom paint graphics, transaxle, and Honda V6 motor. Buyers who prefer to install their own motors or have their detailers add custom paint jobs to their WaterCar vehicles can save a little money by choosing the Turn Key Minus version.

Both models offer non-stop adventure on the road and lake. The stainless steel and fiberglass parts even make WaterCar suitable for saltwater, although owners should help prevent corrosion by cleaning their vehicles shortly after driving out of the water.

Buyers are responsible for arranging any transportation services needed to get their WaterCar vehicles. The WaterCar factory is located in Fountain Valley, CA, which is about an hour southeast of Los Angeles and an hour, 30 minutes north of San Diego. While WaterCar doesn’t make shipping arrangements, it can help motivated buyers review their options.

If you’re ready to commit yourself to one of the world’s most unique vehicles, start with models built by WaterCar. No other company in the United States builds a more reliable amphibious car that can shift so easily from the road to the water. Owning a WaterCar could change the way you see the world. It will definitely change the way you choose to enjoy your free time. Imagine never having to haul a boat to the dock, again. Just hop in your WaterCar and let the day’s adventure unfold before you.



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