Wellness USA Cocoon

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Wellness USA Cocoon


Wellness USA Cocoon


Wellness USA provides home and professional fitness and wellness equipment in order to encourage you to experience extraordinary success in health and fitness. Their line of new products focuses on the integration of mind and body wellness that has grown enormously during the last few years. They want to improve the overall wellness of people by using multi-sensory personal wellness technology to help people feel better, look better, have less stress and see increased energy levels. Company executives have a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in developing and distributing wellness and fitness spa equipment and products.

The main product that the company offers to individuals is called mycocoon™. This personal wellness pod encloses your entire body except for your head and provides enhanced personal wellness in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The Cocoon is easy to use, comfortable and pleasurable as it provides treatment. You can personalize pre- and post-workout treatments to help you gain a better focus as you fight for an improved, healthy lifestyle. This 21st century wellness technology combines with five self-automated, multi-sensory programs for Vital Energy, Stress Reduction and Relaxation, Ideal Body, Flexibility, Mobility, Xpress Shape and Xpress Fitness.

Here’s how it works: you lay back on a cushioned ergonomic bed. Hands-free ports let you access the control panel, where you can set the time, set the right temperature (all the way to 170 degrees F) and adjust the vibration from light massage to deep penetration. You can also control the intensity levels of the fans that cool your face and the available aromas.

More Details

The Cocoon benefits you in three major ways: active thermal exercise, stress relief/relaxation and range of motion / flexibility. Active thermal exercise benefits the body by promoting a profound sweating response. This allows for the natural removal of impurities and helps you develop a healthy cardiovascular response. It also helps with physical fitness, weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy weight.

Many of us are stressed much of the time, so the Cocoon’s relaxing and soothing massages provide a calm environment to relieve tension. You’ll experience better sleep, improved mental sharpness and more mindful meditation.

If you are struggling with flexibility, the Cocoon lets you do exercise with heat and vibration massage all at the same time. This promotes flexibility and range of motion, which makes movements easier and safer even as you age. Treatments in the Cocoon will also improve mobility and help you recover after any kind of sports training, repetitive movements or muscle overuse.

Features of the Cocoon include a dry heat system, an ergonomic contour bed, vibration massage, a cool face air system, Himalayan pure ionic crystal salt, aromatherapy, ambiance light system (blue and red), a body chamber and an optional designer matching pedal. A professional version of the Cocoon is also available for commercial ventures.

The pods provide easier building of muscle mass, improved performance, increased endurance and a generally larger capacity for stress tolerance. They can also assist with weight management, pain relief, cleansing, detoxification, energy needs and more.

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The company believes that wellness is a social responsibility, so they are building solutions such as the Cocoon to help people achieve a healthy Wellness lifestyle in the midst of a busy society. Prices for individual or professional Cocoon pods are not listed on the Wellness USA website, but you can contact the company through the contact page on the website. A Cocoon may be just the multi-sensory, interactive treatment you need to improve your wellness for the 21st century.



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