Weltevree Dutchtub

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Weltevree Dutchtub



Weltevree Dutchtub


The Weltevree Dutchtub lets you explore the essence of outdoor bathing:

The only thing that beats soaking in a warm tub after a long day is relaxing in a heated outdoor tub, where you can experience the natural wonders of the world around you. With the Weltevree Dutchtub, you can enjoy this serene experience every day. Weltevree’s luxurious Dutchtubs are designed to allow you to explore and enjoy the essence of outdoor bathing.

How These Hot Tubs Work

The technology behind Weltevree Dutchtubs is surprisingly simple. Colder water that settles deeper in the tub is forced into the outer coil. The colder water passes through the coil and around the wood-burning fire, where it is naturally heated. Once the water has passed by the fire, it is pushed up and out of the coil, back into the hot tubs.

Weltevree Hot Tubs are extremely lightweight. At only 170 pounds, your Dutchtub can be moved from one scenic location to the next with minimal effort. They can even be tied to the roof of your car or towed behind a canoe or bike, allowing you to experience serenity and relaxation in any scenic location you desire. Once you reach your destination, the ergonomic design of the Dutchtub will allow you to comfortably relax and let your stress melt away.

Three Unique Models

Weltevree offers three styles of Dutchtubs for you to enjoy. The Dutchtub Original, which starts at $6,995, can accommodate up to four people and offers boundless bathing options. Whether you are relaxing by yourself, or bringing along your significant other for a romantic evening, the Dutchtub Original is the classic choice for your outdoor bathing desires.

The Dutchtub Loveseat is a smaller version of the Dutchtub Original and is ideal for outdoor romance. Requiring less water and less wood with which to heat the tub, the smaller Dutchtub Loveseat is an efficient use of space and only costs $4,295. It is ideal for smaller spaces and more intimate soakings, which makes the Dutchtub Loveseat is perfect for a couple who wants to relax in luxury.

Weltevree’s third model is the Dutchtub Wood, which emphasizes the idea that luxury doesn’t have to be complex. The Dutchtub Wood combines an interior of the same high-quality polyester material used in the other Weltevree Dutchtub models, but adds a classic preserved-wood exterior, which makes the Dutchtub Wood weather proof and lightweight. Create your own outdoor oasis with the unique, earthy design of the Dutchtub Wood, which costs $7,495.

Additional Dutchtub Features

No outdoor Dutchtub event is complete without the additions that come standard with each Weltevree Dutchtub Original.

The Dutchtub Turbo Valve is where you attach your garden hose to the Dutchtub itself to fill it with water. With the Turbo Valve, water from the hose is heated in the coil before it floats into the tub. This means that you can enjoy the heated glory of your Dutchtub even faster.

Each Dutchtub hot tubs are as original also comes with a Fire Basket, which is where you light the fire for your Dutchtub. This handy fire-starter is also how you regulate the temperature of your Dutchtub.

All you have to do is slide the basket up or down, which will result in heating a different length of the coil.

The hot tubs cover is another useful addition. Not only is this cover an easy way to ensure that your Dutchtub remains clean when it’s not in use, the cover also functions as a way to keep the warmth in your Dutchtub as you heat up the water.

The final addition that comes with your Dutchtub Original is the Dutchtub Wok. This small cover keeps the heat of the fire in the coil, and can also be used to cook delicious food on the fire when you’re relaxing in your Dutchtub.

So if you’ve had a long day, or are just longing for a way to relax, skip the boring indoor tub. With the Weltevree Dutchtub, you can enjoy the serenity of the outdoors while you unwind.



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