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What is Williamson Goods?

 The world’s finest luxury and professional quality sporting goods has another name, Williamson Goods, and they are making their stamp with timeless products both based and manufactured in Detroit.

The people at Williamson Goods are more than just passionate sports enthusiasts. They create products that offer beautiful and exclusive luxury goods that are also functional and performance-grade.

This company is making waves in the sports industry with their limited edition, hand-made products. They offer the classically designed Wheelman Bicycle, wrapped in python skin, and Woodward Footballs made from crocodile skins, to the discerning customer.

The Wheelman bicycle is the finest bicycle available anywhere, with almost every component built right here in the USA, and it is available in a variety of colors. The Woodward American football is entirely handcrafted, and while it substitutes the resources to quality and exotic skins, it still follows the official standards of weight and size set by the National Football League (NFL).

As a company that grew up during the decline of industry in Detroit, Williamson Goods is determined to give back to their community where they are based and where their products are manufactured. They are looking to be an influential part of Detroit’s renaissance.

Two founders of Williamson Goods were graduates of the Police Athletic League (PAL) for football, and as part of their plan to give back, a portion of all sales will be donated directly to PAL.

More Details

 Every product created at Williamson Goods is begun with only the finest of available raw materials, and then handmade into a timeless piece, complete with a labeled edition number. All of the action happens at their headquarters in Detroit.

There won’t be an assembly line or lean manufacturing technique to be found in the creation of these goods. Each item is lovingly crafted by request, one at a time, without enhancements or shortcuts that minimize the final product’s appeal.

Travel to work or down the street in ultimate style while riding the work of art that is the Wheelman bicycle, which sports components wrapped in authentic python or crocodile skin and hand-sewn together. Available frame sizes are small, medium, large, and custom sizes, and there are three color schemes to choose from: navy leather with chrome or copper metal, or tan leather with copper.

The Woodward football is making a splash as the black or gold authentic crocodile skin is not only luxurious enough to display as your prized showpiece, but it is also functional and follows NFL football standards. Take your luxury to the next level with an embossed name or message alongside the limited edition number.

Every animal skin used in Williamson Goods products is CITES certified, which means the process to harvest the skins is done in both a sustainable and humane way. In addition, the tanneries do not create any chemical bi-products, so you can take luxury while helping the environment.

Only ten of each product is manufactured, per color, and the limited edition number on every Williamson Goods luxury sporting good reflects the number of production, which adds to the unique appeal.

At Williamson Goods, their ultimate goal is to find the finest manner to weld professional-grade sporting equipment with enduring luxury and a classic style.

Buy Williamson Goods Products

Fulfill your curiosity about these luxury goods and visit WilliamsonGoods.com to browse their products. The gorgeous Wheelman Bicycle is available for $35,000, and the Woodward Ball can be purchased at $6,250.

When you choose Williamson Goods, you are choosing to imbue your sports equipment with luxury, innovation, and athleticism.


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