Women in Politics Behind the Scenes

Women in Politics Behind the Scenes

There is no denying that you have to be tough if you wish to be successful especially if your a women in politics.  This is especially the case if you do not find yourself in the spotlight when the muck and mire that is often associated with the political arena seems to be at its murkiest.

These women have proven time and again that they have the mettle to deal with the daily trials and tribulations that constantly go on behind political curtains. You may not know them by name, but you most certainly know the results of their influence.

women in politics behind the scenesSarah Isgur Flores

This tough Texan and Harvard Law graduate serves as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Republican Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina. Since taking up the post in January, Isgur Flores has shown through interviews and the usual political talking head shows that she has the type of fortitude needed to put up with pundits over the course of a long campaign.

maya-2Maya Harris

If you are going to play a part in the political campaign for Hillary Clinton, you better be able to match her strength. As Clinton’s Senior Policy Advisor, Harris is able to do just that. She certainly has the pedigree to stand tall in the political realm. Her sister, Kamala, is California’s attorney general and is gunning for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

welker-2Kristen Welker

Reporting the news from the White House is not an easy job, just because you end up in a unique form of scrutiny in your own right. As NBC’s White House Correspondent, the Harvard-educated Welker has created a trustworthy persona that effortlessly adds credence to the news that she is breaking. So trustworthy, in fact, she’s received an Emmy nomination for her work.

hope-3Hope Hicks

You can easily make the argument that being Donald Trump’s Press Secretary is currently the toughest behind the scene job in politics. While that may be true, Hicks has shown that she can handle whatever The Donald says and does. At 26, Hicks may not necessarily have the amount of experience that has been culled from more veteran people in her position. But what she does have is a resilient spirit and a likability factor that renders her lack of years in the political game a moot point.

bass-5Deana Bass

It’s no secret that Dr. Ben Carson has given the 2016 campaign some of its most interesting talking points. Whenever a discussion about Carson heats up on a national level, you can bet that Bass will be there as his Press Secretary, ready to talk to reporters and news professionals about Carson and his campaign. She’s taken a bit of an unorthodox route to get to this position. Bass graduated from Ohio University in film production – but seeing as how she has been excelling in various positions within the Republican party since 2003, it is very clear that she has the kind of star power needed to be successful.