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Zeus Twelve

What is Zeus Twelve?

Want a high-end electric motorcycle, yacht, or car that ordinary mortals won’t drive? You need a Zeus Twelve limited edition electric motorcycle or one of three luxury supercars or speedboats built by the company!

These are not your mother’s vehicles. Designed by Eduard Gray, who specializes in high-end luxury design, Zeus Twelve bikes, cars, and yachts are built by the top experts in Sweden.

Zeus Twelve Electric Motorcycle

Zeus Twelve electric motorcycle is a world leader in the design and production of luxury vehicles built specifically for the richest of the rich. You can’t just be wealthy to own a Zeus Twelve – you have to be wealthy enough to own your own island. That’s the level of exclusivity you’re dealing with when you buy a Zeus Twelve product. In fact, only 12 of each model the company produces are sold – you want to be one of those 12.

Their concept is to create limited editions of timeless, super-luxurious vehicles. Without years of tradition to bog them down, they have the freedom to create exciting new models and ideas.

More Details

Zeus Twelve electric luxury motorcycles are a new niche in the world of electric travel. These electric motorcycles are not just a means of transportation – not unlike a sculpture, they are pieces of art that will give you a sense of wonder beyond what you normally experience.

The Zeus Twelve Thorium, for example, is long, low, and sleek, with white, silver, and gold accents. It is made with a 14.2kWh lithium battery, which gives you a range of 171 miles (in the city). Thanks to one of the quickest charging connections around, it will recharge in just about an hour. The Thorium’s top speed is 102 mph (164 km/hr) and you can go from zero to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds.

Because you don’t hear the traditional engine noise of a motorcycle, you can hook up a Bang and Olufsen sound system to your Thorium. You can use the sound system to create that engine noise (if you miss it) or play your own music through the system as you tool down the road.

Continuing their focus on a feast for the eyes, Zeus Twelve has also created three fantastic car designs that may only be available to exclusive automobile collectors.

As its name implies, Gold Rush is fully highlighted with gold and chrome accents throughout the entire car. You won’t blend in with this model – the gull-wing doors and gold exhaust pipes on the hood make sure of that. The V-12 engine wakes you up with a roar, and you are ready for the road.

The Magnate combines speed and luxury for high-end users who will not settle for less than the best. Its luxurious leather seating and V8 engine come standard, while you can add gullwing rear doors and bulletproofing to make your own statement.

Zeus Twelve rounds out their car options with Sigma, a supercar built for the track. Its lightweight body is built from carbon fiber, and the interior is luxuriously comfortable and lightweight at the same time. A glass canopy provides maximum visibility or it can be removed to create an open cockpit.

If you can’t decide what you want, the Zeus Twelve Gold and White Collection bundles together a motorcycle, sports car, and speedboat that all complement one another. Now that’s luxury!

Buy Zeus Twelve Products

Pricing info is not available on the Zeus Twelve website, although the Thorium is listed elsewhere online as costing $98,000. To get more information about Zeus Twelve’s exclusive line of luxury vehicles, contact the company through their website, which includes a contact form, email address, and phone number.

You won’t regret a Zeus Twelve purchase – in fact, you will be one of just a few individuals ever to make such a purchase. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by – find out more today!

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