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What is a Zoom?

Welcome to the Zoom, one of the world’s smallest and lightest electric vehicle. Its revolutionary driving capabilities, including patented technology, allow the Zoom to easily navigate streets, sidewalks, and curbs, as well as off-road conditions including sand, snow, and mud.

The Zoom enhances your outdoor experience by opening up a new world of possibilities, where obstacles become simple challenges and barriers are easily surpassed.

With a Zoom, you can zoom in, zoom out, and even zoom calmly if you like things a little more sedate. Add a helmet and you are cleared to head off the sidewalk; the electric engine means you are not polluting the environment or disturbing the wildlife. You can go and have fun, whether you like high or low speeds, rough or smooth terrain. Your driving pleasure is the driving force behind the team at Zoomability.

More Details

The Zoom is a one-person electric vehicle that provides a new kind of freedom of movement for everyone no matter where they want to go. The company began after a female handball player with MS lost the ability to move freely – her legs could no longer support her. She couldn’t go experience a day in the woods, for example, so her partner co-founded Zoomability. He devotes his technical skills and persistence to developing a very smart – and cool – solution to her problem.

Zoom’s permanent symmetrical 4-wheel drive is built for use over rough terrain. The patented frame design makes sure all four wheels stay in contact with the ground no matter the type of surface over which you want to journey. The continuous 4-wheel drive keeps operating no matter the circumstance.

The Zoom weighs about 176 pounds so you can roll it around by hand. For transport out of your house, two men can lift it into an SUV, a pickup truck, or a small trailer. The company also sells aluminum ramps if you need them to help load the Zoom into a vehicle.

Zoom’s maximum speed is about 12 miles per hour. If local laws permit you to drive Zoom on a sidewalk, you should maintain a walking pace of about 3 miles per hour. The optional High/Low-Speed Selector gives you two preset speeds (walking speed of 3 mph and medium speed of 6 mph) that can be chosen separately for convenience. A helmet is mandatory for safety’s sake.

Feel free to drive in sand, snow, mud, or worse, but make sure to keep the motor clear from salt water. You should also add front and back lights if you’ll be traveling in the dark. In the United States, the Zoom can be used by operators age 16 or older, but check your local regulations wherever you are.

If you are driving Zoom under optimal conditions on a smooth, flat surface, the batteries will last for a range of up to 25 miles. If you are riding over terrain that is more rough and demanding, your range will be about 15-19 miles, so plan accordingly. Battery performance does not slow down gradually – when the batteries are drained, speed and performance drop very quickly.

Buy The Zoom Electric Vehicle

Prices for Zoom are not listed on the manufacturer’s website. Based in Sweden, the Zoom is now also available in several states in the U.S., along with Australia and Europe. To get more information or to get in line to purchase a Zoom, fill out the form on the contact page of the Zoom website.

A Zoom is more than an ATV – it is a free mind in motion, and it is waiting for you to take one home today!

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