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Mesoloft Ash Dispersion System

Mesoloft ash dispersion system brings your loved one’s ashes to the edge of space:

There is no shortage of unique ways to honor a departed loved one by doing something creative with their cremated remains. Among the most creative and unique of all of them is the service offered by Mesoloft

A relatively new company, Mesoloft ash dispersion system you the ability to launch your loved one’s cremated remains up into space. The ashes are then released at a height of approximately 17 miles (90,000 feet) in the region of the Earth’s stratosphere known as near space. These ashes are then scattered around the globe before they eventually return to the planet in the form of rain and snow.

About Mesoloft

The idea behind Mesoloft ash dispersion system is an intriguing one. It was developed by the Mesoloft team to celebrate the lives of loved ones. A well-loved, well-lived life deserves a uniquely memorable commemoration.

The entire team behind Mesoloft is highly trained and experienced in a variety of different fields. For example, the launch team has years of experience in the exacting science of high-altitude balloon flight. This ensures the highest chance of success possible.

Mesoloft also focuses on a commitment to customer service. Their client support team goes above and beyond in every aspect. Mesoloft knows that their clients have a diverse array of needs and they mean to attend to these needs as closely as possible.

Simply put, Mesoloft is dedicated to exceeding expectations. Who else takes commemoration to the very edge of space?

Mesoloft Services

The company behind Mesoloft offers one service and one service only: scattering your loved one’s cremated remains in space.

As mentioned above, these ashes are released from a high-altitude balloon at approximately 17 miles above the earth’s surface. This high altitude ensures the high probability that these ashes will circumnavigate the globe before returning to earth as the seeds of raindrops and snowflakes.

The ashes remain in the atmosphere for a period of time ranging from a few months to a few years as they are carried about the upper atmosphere by air currents. Eventually, however, they will descend back to Earth. Moisture adheres to the ashes as they pass through the clouds. This allows the ashes to become the nuclei of raindrops and snowflakes. Poetic, isn’t it?

Indeed, the poetry of the idea is partially what has made their service so popular. Despite their short history as a company, they have already successfully launched the cremated remains of dozens of clients. If it’s a poetic commemoration that you want, it’s a poetic commemoration that you’ll get when you hire Mesoloft.

How Does It Work?

The specifics behind their service are nearly as fascinating as the idea itself. Many of those interested in using the service first want to know how exactly the high-altitude ash dispersion system works.

The Ash Dispersion Process

It starts when the ashes are placed in a special container with a trap door. This container is then attached to a weather balloon (and a frame holding two GoPro cameras). The weather balloon carries the container up into the stratosphere. When they are at the proper height, a GPS-driven trigger opens the trapdoor. The GoPro cameras give the family video of the flight and the release of the ashes.

Who is Mesoloft For?

This is a service for anyone who wants to honor a deceased loved one in one of the most unique ways possible. Purchasing the service gets you the release of the ashes itself as well as a high-definition video of the release. Whether you want all of your loved ones’ cremated remains to be released or only a partial amount (many families retain a portion of the ashes for sentimental reasons), Mesoloft can work with you to give you exactly the commemorative experience you’re looking for.

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