The Escape Pod

The Escape Pod Outdoor Structure

The Escape Pod is a unique outdoor structure that you can purchase to beautify and expand the outside of your home. Podmakers Ltd was established through the union of high-quality furniture design and a desire to engineer small spaces. Aspiring to create beautiful, unusual outdoor structures, Dominic Ash and Jeremy Fitter have collaborated to develop Podmakers.

Dominic trained for six years with a Quaker furniture maker in Somerset before working on boat restoration in the Caribbean and going on to form his own company in 1994. Dominic Ash Ltd specializes in high-quality design in hardwood and contemporary materials. Podmakers benefits greatly from working closely with Dominic Ash Ltd and the 30 years of design experience Dominic brings to the team.

After a master’s in civil engineering, specializing in treehouse engineering, Jeremy’s design ideas were planted on more solid ground after working for Dominic Ash Ltd. Combining his engineering background with a passion for creating imaginative spaces has propelled Jeremy to create the escape pod. Reach out to us to see if this unique rendition is the right match for your home or your community. Each pod will be customized to fit the look and feel of your home.

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