bar globes
Bar Globes

Bar Globes

Vintage Bar Globe

The bar globe, a unique liquor cabinet shaped like a globe, has emerged as a stylish and functional piece of furniture. Its appearances in pop culture, notably in films and TV shows, depict sophistication and luxury, showcasing its role as a status symbol and a symbol of wanderlust. Beyond aesthetics, bar globes serve a functional purpose by providing an elegant storage solution for beverages, blending practicality with an aesthetic allure.

GEA Classic Bar globes
GEA Classic Bar Globe

GEA Classic Floor Bar Globes

The Large GEA Classic bar globes featured a mustard brown up-to-date cartography. The place names include countries, continents, capitals, famous cities, and more!

The GEA Classic bar globes are the perfect addition to your office or living room space. Once you lift the lid, the drink cabinet will be revealed! There is plenty of space for glasses, bottles, and extra accessories.

The GEA Classic is made of the finest quality solid chestnut hardwood. The diameter of the globe is 20” and the height is 36”.

Elegance Contemporary Bar Globe

Black Elegance Contemporary Bar Globes

The Elegance Contemporary bar globes are made of solid hardwood and feature up-to-date cartography. The globe sphere can fully rotate within the stand when the globe is both open and closed.

Once you lift the acrylic crystal lid, a drink cabinet is revealed with plenty of space. The globe itself has room for three bottles and glasses of your choosing. Any additional bottles can be kept on the bottom shelf.

The Elegance Contemporary Bar Globe is made in Italy. The globe is portable and includes 4 easy-roll casters for convenience.


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